Photo Gallery

Working with a Smile

Here at SERVPRO our team shows up to any job ready to do their best with a smile. This job took us about three days to complete, and we still kept going because we knew our client would be happy with this smoke clean up. We know times can be tough but no matter the size of the job, we are always here to help!

Commercial water damage in a hotel

We did some cleanup work at a cute hotel on the coast; water damage had affected two room next to one another. Although the damage wasn't noticeable at first, we know from firsthand experience that water like to travel and stay hidden, and there is more damage than what meets the eye!

Storm damage due to high winds

We expect this type of damage every year! But, we don't expect that every home owner or renter can deal with it because it's not something you clean up on a regular basis. Not only were the windows busted on this house, but part of the roof was caved in due to a large branch falling. Maintaining your yard throughout the year is important so you can avoid major storm damage. 

Fire Damage and Cleanup in Willits

We had some minor fire and smoke damage in this home in Willits, and the place became really clean after we were finished! Although we don't "clean" the home, we do restore the home so it can be cleaned, repaired, and put together "like it never even happened." We love to gain confidence in our customers!

Measuring how much moisture

We have to measure how much moisture is in a materials before we can just start dryiing. We also check for other areas of moisture. Checking all our bases can make the different between a properly dried home and a home that has problems 6 months later. 

Mold damage unnoticed for several weeks

If you're going to be gone for a while, be sure to designate someone to look over your house. We received a call about a home that had a moldy smell from the outside. The neighbor immediately called the owners, who called us. While they were out of the country, we did what we could to get the cleanup process started. 

Mold damage behind furniture-one of the last places you'd look!

Having mold behind a water heater or in a basement is pretty common, but what about behind furniture in your living room? If you've had recent water damage, you may have mold growth in the most unexpected places, especially if you didn't look behind anything heavy.

The icky side of mold

We haven't shyed away from jobs of heavy mold; we just make sure to have extra masks and suits! We have received a lot of calls fom the Sea Ranch, Mendocino, and Fort Bragg areas due to the higher humidity. Everything, from vacation homes to businesses, needs repair work from time to time. 

Mold in a Willits house

We have had phone calls from clients concerned about exposed mold in bedrooms, especially those of their children. They are concerned about health compromises. We go right in and start the process, and set up containment so mold doesn't spread to anywhere else. 

Biohazard in the kitchen-WATCH OUT!

We can't think of anything worse than cooking a big dinner and discovering mold is gowing in the same area you prepare food. This is a biohazard situation that needs to be cleaned right away, as well as have preventive measures added. 


Okay, you are probably not a little chicken in this scenario, but showing concern is a good sign that you're a conscious home owner/renter. A common first instinct would be to take down the rest of the ceiling before it comes down-DON'T DO THAT! It may not be necessary, and you could be causing more damage.

Roof leak at a retailer in Lakeport

We are happy to help all commercial buildings when they have water damage, whether from a storm or broken pipe. In this photo, there was significant water damage at the back of the store. Some of the merchandise was getting wet, so SERVPRO went in and dried out as much as possible before beginning partial demolition. 

Roof damage in Mendocino

This kind of damage happens often right after the first rain. We receive calls about roof leaks, and consider this type of a job a top priority. We would rather stop water damage from happening than let a huge mess occur. Your insurance company will thank us!

Hole in the ceiling in Ukiah-WHOA!

Now THIS is frightening! Imagine waking up to make breakfast and discovering this in your kitchen. The worst thing to do is to cover it or plug it up. Finding the source, dealing with the source, and preventing the damage from coming back is what we do best. 

Storm damage from earlier this year

Storm damage can come in all shapes and sizes; it doesn't have to be extravagant to be worth an inspection. In this photo, the ceiling started to leak through light fixtures. The roof had too much sitting water on it, and wasn't draining properly.

Working together for a better tomorrow

Our technicians and crew chiefs have been working together for years. We feel so fortunate as a company having a complete crew of talented, hardworking individuals. Pictured here are Guillermo and David, two of our hardest workers, who also spread happiness with all of their work!

Checking moisture levels

Part of our job entails determining the moisture level of affected materials. Although the ground is obviously wet, we have to verify exactly how much for insurance purposes. We use a moisture meter to do this sort of work. Our technicians have to do a lot of math and recording of readings throughout the job. 

Building flood

If only the ark was here! This building got flooded pretty badly, and the staff had to reassemble temporarily in other buildings. Often, our crews would show up at the job site at 6 AM and work until 6 PM. Thankfully, this kind of routine lasted for about 3 weeks. 

Equipment being used for a dryout

We use our dryout equipment the most. While we are glad that not as many fires happen in our community, there are times when we have to call other franchises to get drying equipment! We use our equipment extensively, as well as maintain it and make sure every piece works properly. 

Frank Howard Memorial Hospital building cleaning

Working the Frank Howard Memorial Hospital post-construction cleaning took a lot of effort and a lot of hands! Due to miscommunication, we had to clean some areas twice; we learned the first time, and put together daily crew meetings so the work could be divided evenly among our technicians.

Here is a picture of our crew on the last day!

You may like to travel, but so does water!

Water likes to travel, but it doesn't get airline miles. Instead, it gets a swift kick in the hiney by our technicians, project managers, and crew chiefs! We don't want water to get far, but sometimes it goes through the wood faster than we would like it to go. In these cases, we have to perform demolition work and deconstruction, such as in the picture here. These stairs got a nice makeover after they were done being dried. 

Our vehicles for Mendocino County

We have several vehicles for all three of our counties. Here are just a few of them! We use vans, Volkswagens, Fords, and large box trucks to transport contents. Our carpet cleaning van is under maintenance at the moment. When we have to leave on a moment's notice, we want to make sure there are enough vehicles to go around to the rest of our crew. 

We like to keep them nice and shiny, can't you tell?!

Carpet extraction from flooding

We encountered a home that had a laundry room flood. Although these are heavy duty machines, anything is possible. Manufacturers often pay for damage done to a home if the appliance is found to be the cause of the damage. If the water sits too long, mold can start to form, which is worse to clean up!

Smoke damaged kitchen

The only thing burnt in this kitchen was the toaster oven! But, the residual damage required the removal of cabinets and major kitchen appliances. Our technicians cleaned and restored everything to brand new, and was able to put back the cabinets. We were not surprised to hear the homeowners were pleased!

Major job in government building

This job took us several weeks and we pulled on temporary workers to get the job done more quickly. A lot of employees from the county had to be shuffled around so they could still complete their work responsibilities. We did get a rave review after we were done, and working with the insurance was easy!


This job was one of the worst ones we had seen, as far as extensive mold damage. The poor family had been gone for 3 weeks and a neighbor alerted them to a smell coming from the house, as well as water coming out from the inside. Water had flooded the entire downstairs; mold grew over the walls, carpet, and even some of the furniture. Thankfully, we were able to start work while the family was still out of of town. We are flexible in that we will coordinate with you through telephone or email; we understand there are extenuating circumstances that require immediate assistance, such as this job. 

Mold issues behind walls and under rugs

Have you checked behind your furniture, walls, or rugs lately? We don't expect you to do so, unless you smell something funny or have water damage. Regular maintenance of your home may detect a mold issue, and we encourage you to call us right away for proper cleanup procedures! 263-9283

Water and mold damage in Windsor

Often, the cause of mold is water damage. This cause is why we urge homeowners, as well as renters (work closely with your landowners in this circumstance) to get water damage cleaned up and dried as soon as possible. Cleaning up mold is more expensive, takes more time, and is more extensive. 

Intense mold cleaning job!

We take our work very seriously, and feel that proper mold cleanup is essential to a healthy home. We are sometimes astounded as to how quickly mold can grow. There are some homes that are left neglected; however, cleanup is better late than never. 

Commercial job in Upper Lake

This loss was rather large! Multiple buildings were affected. We packed out contents and took them to our facility to be cleaned. We had to use respirators, and the entire job took about two weeks. A major cleaning job like this one kept us busy. The business was very happy with our work, and sent us a nice thank you card. We LOVE getting those cards!

Hard hats and correct gear are a must

Our #1 concern with our jobs is the safety of our workers and customers. That's why we are in this business. Restoration isn't about fixing what's inconvenient; it's about making your home safer and more livable. We make sure to have proper head gear, protective wear, and communication between our technicians and crew chiefs. 

Twin Pine Casino smoke cleanup

The Clayton Fire really affected our communities; unfortunately, the damage was caused by an arsonist. However, our community got together and took care of one another. We were so happy to get a thank you from the students at Lower Lake High School. They really showed their appreciation for all the hard work companies like ours did for their school!

Lower Lake High School smoke damage

The Clayton Fire really affected our communities; unfortunately, the damage was caused by an arsonist. However, our community got together and took care of one another. We were so happy to get a thank you from the students at Lower Lake High School. They really showed their appreciation for all the hard work companies like ours did for their school!

This entire structure had smoke damage

After receiving a call one Friday afternoon for smoke damage, we went to the building in Cloverdale and discovered that this business that had been opened for 20 years experienced a small fire. We worked for several days on the wiping of the walls, deodorization, and duct cleaning work so the business could reopen promptly without too much interruption. They were able to get back in gear, and gave us a wonderful recommendation!

1st place for most fires goes to the KITCHEN!

We can't stress enough the importance of not leaving your kitchen unattended for any length of time, especially on the holidays! We forget to set timers, we get distracted, or we may go to the store for "just a minute" and get caught up in a conversation with our neighbor's best friend's grandfather's cousin. Remain focused, otherwise your kitchen could end up like this one pictured. 

CE Class at Northwest Insurance

We had agents from Lake County meet us in Mendocino County for our Mitigation and Awareness Response seminar. We talked about water losses and how our equipment works to dry out a home that has been flooded. We had a really great turnout, and are glad to be of assistance to our local insurance agents!

Huge job during a busy week

Some leaks are big, some are small, but they are all frustrating and a hassle to fix. If you don't know how to determine whether an area is dry, or if you ignore the damage, the water will spread to other areas in your home. The floor will buckle, wood will split, and mold will grow. By hiring a reputable company to take care of the damage, it will be far less costly and much more maintained!

Basement flood-WHOA!

This cleanup job and flooding was EXTREME, and one of our first jobs in Mendocino County. This kind of water damage isn't typical, but we treated it as we do any job; we attack like gazelles and get rid of that water!

Hazmat and containment is essential

There are many reasons why SERVPRO needs to be contacted ASAP after mold findings, especially in a public building! Many people could become affected, become ill, and the mess would be disastrous. We know how to set up containment, prevent the spread of more mold, AND take care of our crew!

Fire Department BBQ event in Hopland

This was a really fun event! All the fire departments are putting on BBQ's and SERVPRO is helping supply the water and shade. We are looking forward to attending every year!

Our Marketing Team! (minus Santa and the Train Singer)

We are proud of our marketing team here! We have Chuck, Bert, and Danny after our Christmas Train event last year in 2015. We have put together the Christmas Train for two years now, and can't wait for the third! The Willits Train Depot has done a wonderful job!

House fire damage

Part of this house had to be gutted due to a house fire. Our crew worked on this job for several weeks. We encourage our crews to work together as a team on every single job. This job would be too overwhelming for one person, and we wanted to make sure the family got as much help as possible. 

Fire damage and appliances-such a bad combo!

Household appliances, large and small, are notorious for causing huge house fires. This appliance pictured here is a dryer that malfunctioned! Thankfully, no one was home and the appliance company paid for the damage. The appliance was new, and still under warranty. We were happy to assist this family. 

Apartment fire causes damage to two units

We have received many calls about apartment complexes having incredible damage. They tend to have older appliances and may not be as well maintained. We work closely with the property management companies so their clients are assisted as soon as possible. 

NOTE: Popcorn ceilings are very VERY difficult to clean! 

Wearing PPE while on the job

We take our work at SERVPRO very seriously. We want our crew to be safe while doing an excellent job of repairing a home. Sometimes, you have no idea what kinds of hazards you may encounter!

Valley Fire crew meeting

The Valley Fire was one of the most devastating fires to ever hit California. SERVPRO was ready to go with more staff, crews, and equipment to handle almost 200 losses. We still have homeowners calling us to deal with fire and smoke damage, and we have talked with dozens of insurance adjusters. Dealing with the aftermath of the Valley Fire was a difficult adjustment, but we made it through to the other side!

Stars of Lake County event

Pictured here are Doug and Rob, our Owner/Operator and General Manager. They play big parts in the community of Lake County, and just love going to events! Doug also LOVES to wear ties!

One bounce at a time!

We like to celebrate and have a little fun, life isn't all about fire and water damage. We just received our very first SERVPRO bounce house! We are very excited to set up this bounce house at a local Lake County event. We are not sure which one yet, but we will be sure to keep you all informed on where it will be!

No, that's not cotton!

Mold can be deceptive. There are even some molds we can eat. But, we don't recommend trying it if it's growing in your home! This mold started growing in a cottage right after the winter season; humidity was strong on the coast. We gladly took care of it in this attic, as well as part of the living room, that grew due to a leak and the humidity levels. 

Our work in churches

We've been known to work on homes, but we will work on any building that has had water, fire, mold, or biohazard damage. Some commercial buildings have an established protocol for water damage, and we have made our name known in our community, especially in churches, that water damage can happen at any time. If someone isn't around for a couple days, what will happen to the building after a water damage?

We do what we can, with all our combined skills and knowledge, to get buildings dry ASAP!

Dedication to our work

When we get a call in the middle of the night, we don't wait until 8:00 AM to go answer the call. We answer at 2 AM, 3 AM, or whatever the case may be! This fact is why we are one busy company, we want to help others and know we may need to do it in the middle of the night. This building flooded, and is a major county facility. It needs to be open every day to help citizens, which is why we stayed out until the next afternoon to get the job done!

Mendocino County Social Services

The entire building in Ukiah flooded, and all the furniture had to be replaced. The building was vacant for 2 days, and there was a lot of chaos. This job took us two weeks to complete, and required all of our crews from Lake and Mendocino Counties. We know we can depend on each other during times like this one.