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Water damage restoration services for businesses in Lake County

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water damage restoration services for businesses in Lake County Getting the area dry is one of the most important steps in dealing with water damage.

A common case of water damage

This morning, we received a call from a distraught restaurant owner about a dishwasher leak. The leak had apparently been going on for quite some time, without the owner's awareness. Mold grew underneath it, and started to creep in between cabinets and up walls. Before you know it, mold will be EVERYWHERE even with a small leak. Paying attention to your appliances, as well as flooring, can discolor or misshape your flooring. However, water damage is capable of being repaired. 

Our other valuable services 

Not only can we repair water damage in your business but we can also take care of your contents and help you with your insurance claim! We report everything to insurance in specialized reports, and deal with any issues that come up along the way. We guarantee a timely finished product; you home back in order, like the damage never even happened. 

Upper Lake Water Extraction

8/6/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Upper Lake Water Extraction Nobody wants to wake up to squishy carpet!

Imagine this kind of wetness when you wake up to put on your slippers. Not very pleasant, but very alarming. The longer wet carpet sits, the more likely you will have a damaged subfloor that will take weeks to replace, especially if the whole level of your home is damaged.

Some of our water damage and extraction process

We have seen some horrific cases of water damage; they are often accompanied by unpleasant odors, rotting wood or even black water.  In the case of black water, the water is completely contaminated and poses a biohazard to you, or anyone who touches it without protecting. In the case of floods, we highly recommend not entering the water because the flood water may have mixed with raw sewage during a storm.

If carpet has been contaminated, we don’t clean it. We remove it right away, and clean/sanitize the area underneath to prevent further growth. If you don’t use any sort of chemical or technology to prevent the spread and growth of mold.

Why the first time is most important

 Upper Lake water extraction is such a scientific process. If we don’t extract enough, you could be left with mold. If we don’t dry what can’t be extracted, it might get through to the subfloor, which could possibly require reconstruction. Smells are also difficult to remove, so if we leave the water sitting too long, any smell left behind may be difficult to remove. We don’t want to cost you any more than what’s necessary, especially if there are preventative measures that can be applied. 

Upper Lake Water Damage Repair

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Different types of water damage

 A lot of people call us because they've had water damage due to a broken appliance, leak, flood, or broken pipe. We don't mind at all how the damage happened, we are happy and ready to help. But, we do have to perform certain testing to determine the category of water so we can properly cleanup, and repair, your home.  

Category 1 Water

 Category 1 is known as clean water. Water that comes from an overflowing sink, water supply line, or washer machine line fall under this category. It's known as clean water because the water more than likely isn't contaminated. This is the 2nd most common type of loss we see. We recommend replacing your water lines according to the manufacturer's instructions, as well as shutting off water when you will be gone for even a couple days. The most common type of loss we see involving water is Category 2. 

Category 2 Water

This type of water is known as gray water. This water is wastewater that can come from bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. Water damage from any of these situations can pose a risk to people due to contaminants. It's the most common, due to utility and appliance malfunctions. Upper Lake water damage cleanup requires us to always be prepared for Category 2. 

Category 3 Water

This category is the most dangerous to people and animals. It is known as black water because the primary source is sewage. Floods, sewer backups, and water mixed with animal waste have the highest potential of being labeled a Category 3. When we at SERVPRO know what kind of water we are having to clean up, we can better prepare for the project. We can also assure you and your family will be safe!

Middletown, CA Water Damage Repair

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Middletown, CA Water Damage Repair Imagine your plumber trying to take care of this water damage mess!

Need water damage repairs completed? Look no further than SERVPRO of Lake County, proudly serving the local area for over 7 years! 707-263-9283

While any plumber can assist a homeowner due to a leak issue, many plumbing companies will not take on the responsibility or liability of water damage. Water damage isn't everyone's expertise because it's a science that SERVPRO professionals understand. There's more involved than opening doors and hoping most of the area dries. Middletown water damage repair is often needed due to broken or leaking pipes. While the leak may be stopped, there is most likely unseen water that causes the most damage. 
Let us help you before water damage becomes too costly, call SERVPRO of Lake County at 707-263-9283. We are available whenever water damage strikes, always!

Water damage loss in Middletown

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water damage loss in Middletown When water damage disaster happens, whether from a leaky pipe or big rain storm, we are here to help you.

Even the smallest problems can become the biggest catastrophes, call 707-263-9283 right away for advice and help.

This Middletown water damage loss started small. There was a small leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. The next day, the ceiling was starting to cave, and water ran down the walls. Paint began to peel off the walls, insulation began to mold, and the bathroom wasn't usable. Just 24 hours after the first sign of water damage, all this chaos ensued. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Lake County at the first sight of damage. We are locally owned and operated, professionally trained and up to date in the restoration industry, and IICRC Certified. We even help with insurance claims! Since we work with insurance companies on a regular basis, we understand their timely requirements and requests. Basically, we speak their lingo. There's nothing worse than having a loss and not understanding how insurance companies work. Don't put yourself through that stress, let us help you!

Kelseyville water damage-what are your biggest questions?

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Kelseyville water damage-what are your biggest questions? Water damage in this bathroom was caused by the water that was left on for several hours!

Whenever we get a phone call, we run into many of the same questions: How much does water damage cleanup cost? Am I in an area you service? How long does it take someone to get here? When will I receive a phone call? This is a silly question, but…

We can answer all your questions right here! Following a Kelseyville water damage loss, the homeowners let us know they were so grateful for our patience and understanding with all their questions.

How much does water damage cleanup cost?

Water damage cleanup can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the extent of the damage, how long the damage was sitting, whether there is mold present, and whether contents were affected. We can help you go over your options. The number one tip we give to anyone who has had water damage is to call experts right away. This swift action will prevent more water damage from happening, therefore lowering the cost for you (or possibly your insurance, or any combination of the two).

When will I receive a phone call?

After contacting our office at 707-263-9283, you will receive a follow up phone call from one of our Project Managers or our Production Manager in one hour or less.

This is a silly question, but…

There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to the complicated work SERVPRO of Lake County performs. We have the best training and education available so we can perform the best job possible, as well as are experts in our field. We are more than willing to answer any and all questions. Having a water damage loss is a headache of a situation; our hope is to lessen that headache. 

Water damage in Clearlake home-how bad is it?

4/20/2018 (Permalink)

Lake County water damage professionals are always available to help. 707-263-9283, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recent Clearlake water damage to a vacation home required less than a week of home restoration work! SERVPRO like to get in and out so you can get on with your life. There's no sense in dragging out the recovery time, especially when your vacation home is involved. When done right the first time, SERVPRO can save you money, time, effort, and even insurance headaches.

A lot of people may see water leaks or damage and not think it's a big deal. However, if left untreated, it will spread like an infection or disease. It will multiply, and never stop, until treatment is applied.

Let us help you get back to your vacation, your life, worry free, "Like it never even happened."

Upper Lake water damage

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

We had a customer discover water damage after removing a dishwasher. They had no idea for how long water damage had sat there on their NEW FLOOR, but they were eager to get it fixed.

Water damage repair process

Repairs can include drying, pulling up materials, or moving appliances in the kitchen to make sure damage didn't spread elsewhere. Moisture meters are used throughout the restoration and repair process to make sure the area is getting dry, or not getting any wetter. We may also recommend or require reconstruction of the room(s) affected due to heavy or extensive damage. However, no matter how heavy or extensive water damage has affected your home, we will see to the very end that your home is fixed.

Upper Lake water damage services

We service Upper Lake water damage problems on a regular basis. We have our Lake County crew on standby Monday through Friday, when damage typically happens or is found. When people are gone for the weekend and come home to a mess, we are more than willing to help with those catastrophes. Or, if you left on the sink due to a heated argument with a telemarketer, we can help with those messes too!

Middletown Water Damage-how bad is it?

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

While the Middletown area experienced great fire destruction two years ago, SERVPRO doesn't forget that water damage in Middletown is still just as likely. In Mendocino County alone, we received 3 (THREE!) calls over the weekend about water damage incidences in three separate homes. These incidences are why we work on weekends, holidays, and at 3 AM. 

Take a look below on ways you can reduce a water damage mishap:

Take care of those pipes!

Some older homes may have older pipes that need to be evaluated or replaced. While we don't necessarily recommend digging into the walls (unless you're already doing a reconstruction project), keep an eye out for any random leaks, discoloring of the walls, or squishy carpet/warped hardwood floors. If you have random puddles of water on the floor and don't know the source, don't ignore them! It could be the start of a massive flood.

Don't leave water running unattended

We had a customer who left on the bathroom faucet after receiving a call from an insurance scammer. The entire bathroom, which was carpeted, was flooded along with clothes, toys, and furniture. What a nightmare, in more than one way! Thankfully, her husband's friend works for SERVPRO, and was able to get some drying equipment to the home and start pulling out the carpet.

Even if you say "it's only going to be for a second," you may lose track of that second and it will turn into 1,000 seconds, which is 1,000 times worse than before you turned on that faucet. Our recommendation is to not leave any water source flowing, even from outside. Your garage or outdoor shed could become flooded, which are most likely filled with your belongings and important items. 

Water damage cleanup services in Clearlake

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage cleanup services are here when you're in a bind- 263-9283 is our on call phone number, 24 hours a day!

Water losses can happen in all forms---busted pipes, broken dishwashers, children discovering that magic handle on the toilet, accidentally letting the water run while you deal with that annoying telemarketer...anything is possible! However, all these water losses cause the same headaches. 

Many homeowners may not realize the consequences of not calling a Clearlake water damage specialist. Material can rot, water likes to travel and cause messes in other places, mold can grow, and the structure of your home can become weakened. Repairs will be more expensive the longer you wait to get that project out of way.

Why don't you call SERVPRO of Lake County the first time, instead of having that expensive bill because you let water damage sit for six months? SERVPRO can take care of anything big, small, or in between. Give us a call at 263-9283, and we WILL take care of you! 

Middletown water loss repair

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Even the smallest problems can become the biggest catastrophes.

This Middletown water damage loss started small. There was a small leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. The next day, the ceiling was starting to cave, and water ran down the walls. Paint began to peel off the walls, insulation began to mold, and the bathroom wasn't usable. Just 24 hours after the first sign of water damage, all this chaos ensued. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County at the first sight of damage. We are locally owned and operated, professionally trained and up to date in the restoration industry, and IICRC Certified. We even help with insurance claims!

We can be contacted day or night for emergencies at 263-9283!

Home repairs in Lakeport

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Home repair seems like such a daunting task. But, if a weed isn't cut down right away, it will grow and may be too tall to cut with just kitchen shears. Same goes for water and fire damage in your home.

What SERVPRO can handle

Lakeport home repairs have been available in Lake County for over 20 years. SERVPRO of Lake County can help repair the damage caused to your home due to a washer machine running for 12 hours, or a roof collapsing due to water sitting on it. We can even repair damage caused by mold and sewage. (You can only imagine what the mess looks like unless you've had to deal with it yourself. We've seen it many times, and it doesn't bother us to have to clean it up.)

What SERVPRO can't handle

SERVPRO can handle ANYTHING. We have had to deal with large losses, small losses, rural areas, and down the street last minute disasters. We are ready for anything. Our warehouses are always fully stocked and our vehicles and crew are ready to go at a moment's notice.

Do you have a question? Would you like to leave us a comment? Have you had our services previously? Give us a call; let us know what you need! 707-462-3848  

Water damage in Middletown!

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water damage in Middletown! Try having a great vacation when you arrive to this mess!

Vacation homes damaged by water in Middletown

We hear countless stories of vacation homes that have been damaged due to water, either from water mains, roof leaks, or pipe breaks. Often, these homes are left unattended for a long time and the damage has become extensive. This home experienced, water and sewage damage in the entire bathroom. SERVPRO of Lake County is available 24/7 to deal with these kinds of messes. We work with you when you're out of the area, we can help with insurance claims, and we can help protect and clean your contents. The memories may not be scrubbed away, but we can make the water damage look, "Like it never even happened."

Give us a call! 707-263-9283 

Lakeport water damage

4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Lakeport water damage Always ready to go, all the time!

Flood zones

Flooding has occurred all over Lake County this winter. El Nino hasn't just affecting the Bay Area, but it has hit Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties. Although our agriculture and ecosystems rely on water and California has had one heavy drought, washing away our mountains and causing water damage to our homes isn't what our folks have in mind.

Lakeport water damage needs

Lakeport is one of the most populated cities in Lake County. All the businesses, resorts, homes, apartment buildings, and schools are at risk for flooding. Four years ago, SERVPRO of Lake County participated in the cleanup of Laytonville High School, which had completely flooded due to the break of a dam and heavy rains. The school was dry and clean in 28 days, just in time for school to start again. SERVPRO of Lake County is ready to go at it again, wherever help is needed. Lakeport water damage won't survive this season!

We've hired extra help, purchased new equipment, and still maintain in close contact with all major insurance companies to make sure you get the care you deserve when you face one of the worst winters in California!


Middletown Water Damage Repair

5/31/2016 (Permalink)

Middletown water damage losses

We've had a bunch of water losses lately due to families being gone on vacation and not realizing pipes broke, to accidental backups of toilets, and roof leaks. These things happen, and our industry doesn't have a lot of history because restoration work is still a developing science. 

This morning's water damage phone call in Middletown

We received a call today about water damage in a home that had been going on for a week. The homeowners had a new dishwasher installed; however, the dishwasher's draining system wasn't aligned properly and they ended up with squishy carpet and water in their living room! We highly recommend not waiting to call when you have Middletown water damage repair that needs to be completed. We are on our way to the home to get it dried and pull the carpet so mold growth doesn't occur! 

Clearlake Flooded Basement

5/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Clearlake Flooded Basement Pictured here is a pipe taking out water from a flooded basement in Lake County.

The shock of water damage

Even if you look over every inch of your home on a weekly basis for water damage, one of those days it's going to hit you like a ton of bricks. You're going to come home from your kid's soccer practice or a big weeklong convention to a flood in your living room. You're going to call a plumber, because we associate water with pipes and pipes with plumbers. That's just the way we operate. But, many people don't realize that plumbers only know the ins and outs of plumbing and water systems. They don't know what to do if water comes out of the pipes and forms a pool around your ankles. 

To who can you turn for help?

SERVPRO is able to help in water damage situations. A Clearlake flooded basement is nothing strange to us. We would hope it would be strange to you, but that you would know who to call. A lot of people aren't aware of our company and our services. We aren't a fast food joint, a clothing store, a management company, or government entity. We don't have a store where you can browse whether you want fire damage cleanup or emergency water extraction. But, as soon as you need something, we can help right away. That's a guarantee! 

Clear Lake Home Repair

4/8/2016 (Permalink)

The homes affected by the Valley Fire are still in the process of being rebuilt. Whether they’re 100% gone or have smoke/fire damage, SERVPRO can assist in dealing with overall home repairs. Clear Lake home repair has been consistently part of our business. We don’t just appear when there is a major community wide disaster; we are there for the little things as well.

What’s little to them isn’t little to you

Depending on your living status-whether you live alone, have a family, or have a disability-the situation you experience with fire or water damage can be incredibly overwhelming and take up a huge chunk of your time. Whether or not it’s self-pay or run through insurance can make a difference. The severity of the situation, or how long the problem has lasted, will also make a difference in the intensity. We can help with all of that, based on your needs. We pride ourselves on being compassionate, such as with the job listed here.

Clear Lake water loss

A family had been on vacation for a week; when they came home, they found soaked carpet and hardwood floor in the kitchen and living room. The family had started the last load of dishes before they left for their trip. However, the brand new dishwasher hadn’t been installed properly, which left a flooded mess that warped the floor and created a moist, mildew like smell. As soon as the family entered the home, they were able to notice it. Homeowner’s insurance weren’t going to cover for the damages. However, the company that installed the dishwasher gladly took care of the cost. We also helped the family by setting up a payment plan with the company so everyone was happy.

We have already seen what a little, and what a lot, of water damage can do to a home. We want to make things easier for you, so we come up with a unique solution for you. Don’t hesitate to call because you’re worried we can’t do the job; we’ve been in the restoration business for many collective years, and know how to put our heads together to create a strong team!

Lakeport Water Damage Restoration

2/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water damage calls have flooded our phone lines this season, that's for sure! The rainy season is technically never over. We have had instances of rain in the summer, or early fall. There's always a chance, but there are things you can do to minimize water damage.

Lakeport water damage restoration tips

Here are some helpful Lakeport water damage restoration tips!  We also recommend getting into contact with your insurance company, even if you don't believe the damage will be covered. You never know what could happen, and a phone call doesn't cost you a dime.

Not making a phone call could cost you more than a dime.

The risks of not handling water damage right away

You risk a lot with your home if you don't take care of water damage right away. You may get mold, rot, erosion of the structure, bacteria buildup, and even a lawsuit if you're renting out the home. Animals could start getting into your home due to any erosion, thus creating more hazards. Animal feces are no joke, and they are gross. Not only are they gross, but the feces from rodents can carry diseases that are easily transferable to animals including toxoplasmosis, hantavirus, and E coli, to name a few.