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Clearlake fire damage repair for commercial buildings

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Sulphur Fire reconstruction

The Sulphur Fire in 2017 cause so much devastation and disruption to people's lives. A lot of homes were burned completely, but some had fire, smoke, and water damage. Clearlake was the most affected. Businesses have burned down, and turned wonderful communities into wastelands. Even through it all, the communities still stand strong with help from FEMA, local donations, and SERVPRO of Lake County's services.

Commercial repair and what it entails

Clearlake fire damage cleanup has been on the rise due to the Valley Fire in 2015, as well as the more recent Sulphur Fire. However, we also specialize in home repair. We can complete demolition work, mold mitigation and remediation, drying, air scrubbing, wipe down of ceilings and walls from smoke damage, and sheetrock/insulation removal. All this work can be completed for businesses as well. Whatever is needed can be done, as long as it's approved and/or covered by insurance if you decide to file a claim.

Give us a call if you have any questions about your loss, or need some guidance and general advice. We are here to help!

Middletown Fire Damage Restoration

8/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Middletown Fire Damage Restoration Seeing something like this can make the damage seem like it will never end, but SERVPRO won't let that happen!

Having your home all of a sudden go up in flames will be an emotional and life changing experience. Seeing your special keepsakes, memories, and furniture ruined can make you feel like the situation is hopeless, and nothing will make things better.

Do you know a company that will:

Remove your personal items to be cleaned and restored?
Remove the soot, fire damage, and smoke smell?
Talk with your insurance company on an as needed basis?
Always be available, even once the project is complete?

We are SERVPRO of Lake County, and even before the catastrophe all of these local fires brought to our community, we've seen so much devastation due to just one spark. Middletown fire damage restoration is always available, even if it's just because of a toaster oven. We are an emergency service company, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even for the biggest jobs!

Lake County Fire Damage and the Importance of Insurance Coverage

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

Why don't more people get homeowners insurance?

Human nature tells us that just because someone had a bad experience with fire or water damage, doesn't mean we will. "I'm careful with all my appliances." "I don't live in an area that has dry weather." "I have coverage on other items in my home, as well as my vehicle." "It won't happen to me."

Recently, Lake County experiences a devastating fire which is effecting so many. Homes were burned, and some of those homes didn't have insurance coverage. This is an incredibly unfortunate circumstance because many of these homes may not be rebuilt due to lack of family funds.

What can you do to protect your investments?

The first thing you should do to get homeowners insurance is call your insurance company. This would be the same company that insurances your vehicles, boats, or provides your life insurance. Getting homeowners insurance is relatively expensive, and depends on the amount of coverage you want for the items in your home. 

This massive fire that struck Lake County can happen anywhere, under any circumstance. We still have dry weather and are still going through a drought. SERVPRO of Lake County recommends you get yourself signed up for homeowners insurance right away. If you're a tenant, you can talk with your property manager and insurance company about getting coverage for your contents. 

Fire damage is possible under any circumstances; don't be caught without homeowners insurance coverage. Anything is possible!

Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration

5/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage isn't worth any more blood, sweat and tears

Getting yourself organized and prepared enough to deal with fire damage can be really exhausting, especially since emotional involvement is inevitable. Handing off the work to a reputable company that will work with your insurance company and make things easier for you. Finding a company like this sounds like a pipe dream-until you've worked with SERVPRO.

Restoration services are ALWAYS available

SERVPRO of Lake County has been working in the Hidden Valley Lake area due to fire damage restoration needs. The Valley Fire has caused a lot of damage, even though it's been 100% contained for about two weeks. We are dedicated to staying in close contact with all those affected, as well as technicians, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, the health departments, and any other agencies that are involved. 

Some of our top questions include:

1.) How much does smoke damage cleanup cost?

     Cost depends on the extent of the damage, how much of the home is affected, what needs to be done, how many technicians are needed and whether any additional testing needs to be conducted. There are many factors involved, and a straight quote is difficult to give until you have been contacted by a technician.

2.) When are you available?

     We can gather your information, such as your name, phone number, address, and work needed and give this information to our production manager and team so we can schedule an appointment with you that's most convenient.

3.) Who do I talk with about ...?

     No matter your question, we can put you into contact with someone who can help. We have a team of estimators, managers, marketers, and owners who know you need direct, concise information.

Give us a call to schedule Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration services. We are here to help you during this difficult time.

Clearlake fire damaged homes

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Fire restoration companies are few and far in between

SERVPRO of Lake County has received many calls from future customers involving this statement: "I looked you up on Google, and your company sounds really professional." This is a true statement. Our company understands the community's needs, especially during fire season, and we also know many people don't know what our company does, or that our company exists. We are here to answer your questions.

"Why do I need a fire restoration company?"

After a fire has been extinguished, many families immediately turn to a construction company for help after talking with the insurance company. However, not all construction companeis are capable of dealing wth fire restoration. Fire restoration involves cleaning as much of the existing area as possible. Soot residue, acid, and smoky odors can set into your furniture and walls, and many items can discolo to a yellow hue if not cleaned properly. Cleanup can become very expensive if you wait to begin the process.

"Who is SERVPRO of Lake County?"

SERVPRO of Lake County is a fire restoration company that will utilize fire restoration techniquest in order to return a home to a pre loss state. We are IICRC certified, which means we are reliable and have the expertise needed to get your home back into shape. Clearlake fire restoration is one of our many specialty areas. We have cleaned many homes, dealt with many insurance companies, and seen many happy faces due to our hard work and determination to provide the best service.

Give us a call at 707-263-9283 to schedule an appointment today if you've had fire damage and need help getting it cleaned right away!

Fire damage in Middletown home

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire damage in Middletown home How long would it take you to deal with all this, by yourself, with no guidance?

You deserve consistency during a whirlwind of disaster, SERVPRO of Lake County provides that kind of quality work. 707-263-9283 is the magic number for all your cleanup needs.

What do you do in the case of a fire?

Remain in a panic? Become an emotional mess? These are normal reactions to a devastating experience, one that hopefully you'll never have to endure. However, if you do experience a fire, we can help you through the debris, the panic, and mess so you can put the pieces back together.

What is the process of fire restoration?

After the fire is out, what is the next step? Not only is your home in shambles due to the flames, but perhaps it's been torn apart in some areas and flooded in others due to emergency response efforts. SERVPRO knows how to get the restoration process started right away, in a way that keeps you informed. First, technicians will be on site as soon as we are notified about the damage. Second, we can let you know the scope of the work needed to be completed to get your home back into preloss condition. Then, a board up or tarp up service will be provided, if needed. Water removal would be the next step, due to the destructive behavior water exhibits when left to travel all over your home. Then, smoke and soot removal would take place. Lastly, the cleaning, repair, and restoration of your home and belongings would be the finishing touches on your home, which will look better than before the fire!

Middletown fire restoration is available all year round, 24 hours a day, because fire damage doesn't take a day off and can happen when you least expect it. Let us help you during your unexpected difficulties. Call in the cleanup team to help make that fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Smoke damage restoration for Nice community

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Smoke damage restoration for Nice community We boarded up this home right when we heard about the loss to prevent things like entry from water, wind, rodents, and looters. Who needs that?!

We know the fire isn't done just because it's been put out

After a fire has happened, anyone can just be glad their house is still standing and their family is safe. However, when are you able to get back into your home? How difficult will cleaning up all that smoke damage be? Dealing with a fire at your home is already emotional; no one would want to go through their things and fix their home while in a grieving process.

How can we assist you?

SERVPRO of Lake County is available for Nice smoke damage restoration services at any time, day or night. We are a 24 hour emergency service company that's here for the community, especially since the Valley Fire took place. There is a right way and a wrong way to clean up smoke damage; fortunately, SERVPRO of Lake County knows how to take care of it right!

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, 263-9283, we are always here to help!

Fire damage restoration in Lake County-Clearlake Oaks

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire damage restoration in Lake County-Clearlake Oaks This home had damage mostly contained to one area of the house, but the damage spread through soot, ashes, and water.

Call us to restore your home after a fire, 707-263-9283

One of SERVPRO's phrases to live by is "restore before replace"; we strive to make a devastating situation easier by restoring as much of a home as possible before insisting items are replaced. Restoration is an art, and in the above picture, a ceiling is restored from damage due to a fire that affected the entire home.

All the contents of this home in Clearlake Oaks had to be removed; however, 95% of the contents were able to be restored by SERVPRO technicians! SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County prides itself on restoration before replacement, always! 

We value our cleaning processes and understand the value you have on your home and belongings. We appreciate the opportunity to work for you!

Kelseyville Fire Damage

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kelseyville Fire Damage There's always a chance of saving your belongings when you respond quickly to fire damage.

"How long does it take?"

"When can I have my stuff back?"

"How much is all this going to cost?"

"Will my home be safe to live in again?"

Fire damage is unsettling

These questions, and many more, can be answered by our technicians here at SERVPRO of Lake County. Sometimes, things happen in our lives that seem unreal, and we lose our focus. We aren't able to concentrate, we become irritable, and lost in our emotions. Fires are no exception. Whether it is a wildfire, house fire, or kitchen appliance fire, it can be incredibly emotional. SERVPRO of Lake County can answer all your major questions about fire damage. Besides working with all major insurance companies and storing contents, we also provide board ups for your home to protect the inside if the outside has been burned badly.

Important things to keep in mind

After contacting your insurance company, contact SERVPRO of Lake County. We can keep in contact with your insurance company, and make sure we are following direct procedures from them. We can also create an inventory and clean your contents, perform complete removal of hazardous material, and even perform some construction duties. Take a look at more of our fire damage process. 

Don't let fire damage get you down, call SERVPRO. We are here to help! 

Fire cleanup due to wildfires in Willits, Ukiah, and Hopland

7/19/2017 (Permalink)

We always anticipate that our area will be hit with wildfires due to our abundance of brush, trees, and hills. However, we don't just overthink and worry; we prepare. The difference between prepared and unprepared could mean thousands of dollars. We've had several fires within this last week in Mendocino County alone. 

How you can prepare

Knowing your options and resources available can make a stressful situation much more bearable. 
Have all your insurance information handy, as well as SERVPRO's contact information, 462-3848. We can help you get back inside your home after you've experienced a fire, whether it's due to an accident or a wildfire. We also work well with all insurance companies to make sure we can get you the best care possible!

How we prepare for fires

We hope you don't have to use our services, but we are here if you do. We are a 24 hour service, and have someone on call at all times. We also work closely with the fire departments with promoting fire safety, especially during the hotter months. We also work as quickly as possible when we hear that there was a fire damaged home; the longer the damage sits, the harder it is to repair. 

Kelseyville Fire Damage

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kelseyville Fire Damage This small device caused a huge fire in a home. These situations can happen to anyone.

Season change and more risks

We have good, sunny weather at the moment-however, more heat means more chances of a fire sparking. Along with the dry grass, vehicle emissions, and ocassional cigarettes being thrown from vehicles, fire will not only start more easily but they are more likely to spread.

Kelseyville fire damage doesn't happen too often, but our crew here in Lake County is ready to hit the road when/if it does happen. There are ways to deal with it instead of getting a large dumpster and taking out a huge loan to replace all your things. Homeowners insurance is important to have, and can help get you back on your feet while your home is being put back into shape!

Different things involved

Dealing with fire jobs isn't just about fire damage. More than likely, there is water damage as well. A water source or pipes may have been affected, and firefighters would have used water to put out the fire. There are also other areas, such as the overall foundation and structure, that are overlooked by other professionals who are solely focusing on the fire damage.

Our crews know how to handle personal property with care, tread lightly, and clean smoke damaged items without distorting them. Items are packed and taken from your home, and cleaned in a fresh, smoke-free facility. We can then pack everything back into your house after the job is done! If more construction is needed, you can store your belongings in our facility, and most insurance companies pay for this storage/pack out service!  

Geyserville Fire Damage

12/27/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Geyserville Fire Damage Did you know that smoke particles can stick to almost any surface?!

Home repair and building services after damage

Many homeowners look for a quick fix to put their home back together due to a storm, fire, or vehicle striking their home. However, if a structure isn't built correctly or is lacking an important element, more damage may occur and thousands of dollars that could've been saved are instead being taken out of a college fund.

SERVPRO's experience with building repair

Demolition work, water damage repair, fire damage repair, mold removal and cleanup, post construction cleanup, biohazard cleanup and removal, and contents cleaning are just a few of the services we provide. Your insurance agent would be impressed by our communications, documentation, and handling of all your personal belongings. We take pride in everything we do, and we know this attitude can make all the difference in your experience. 

Lake County Fire Damage

12/19/2016 (Permalink)

Lake County restoration starts with us!

SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County has been in the area for over 20 years. Recently transferred to new owners, we know what kind of chaos can follow with change. Sometimes change can be good and refreshing. However, Lake County fire damage is never either one of those things. What can be good and refreshing is the excellent customer service that follows.

What do you value in a fire damage restoration technician?

You would want a professional, intelligent, hard working, and educated team working on the inside and outside of your home to get it back to pre-fire condition. You would also want a team that has integrity, even when no one is watching. SERVPRO of Lake County is under the care of professionals that go by the book and communicate with you, as well as your insurance company, on the best route possible. That is the only way we will do business!

Wildfires in Lake County

8/15/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wildfires in Lake County This wildfire started in Lower Lake on August 12th, 2016, almost 11 months after the Valley Fire destroyed Cobb, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake.

Clayton Fire in Lower Lake

We are anxious, yet prepared, as we deal with yet another California wildfire. Again, it's in our heartland, Lower Lake in Lake County, California. We don't know how this fire started, but we are prepared because we have the best team. We have gathered together some of our best technicians already putting together equipment and assembling clean up teams. We have even heard of organizations already gathering donations of clothing, food, and toiletries for those affected by the Clayton Fire. 

We have dealt with similar situations with Santa Rosa emergency fire cleanup. From talking with insurance to debris removal to dealing with asbestos through a third party, we can help you through the whole process from debris removal to rebuild. 

Lower Lake Fire Damage

8/12/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Lower Lake Fire Damage This house fire happened due to a small wildfire in front of the home. The wind blew fire on different parts of the roof, causing sporadic damage.

Recent fires in Lake County

We thought the damage from the Valley Fire would hold us off for a while, but Mother Nature had other plans. We have recently had wildfires happen in Lake County, as well as a home that was completely burned. We do know that this is an absolutely shocking experience, and want to do what we can to help. This help can include removing the debris of a fire as soon as possible so not only can the memory of the disaster start to cease, but rebuilding can occur much quicker. We have had jobs similar when Santa Rosa fire damage cleanup is needed. 

Ways to prevent fires

There are ways even YOU can prevent wildfires (think of Smokey the Bear); everyone can pitch in to protect their individual homes. The more homes that are protected, the less chances that fire can travel. One thing that can be done is ridding your home of weeds, debris, and dead brush. Another thing that can be done is making sure your home is up to code with electrical wiring and outside appliances. 

Lake County Fire Restoration

6/1/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Lake County Fire Restoration Some of our crew are pictured here working on the hallway, where there is smoke and fire damage.

Definition of restoration

To restore something is to make it like it was before it was damaged. We believe in restoration before merely replacing it with a new item. Buying all new items will cost you and/or your insurance company more money. Insurance companies do what they can do by law to save money on every single claim. 

Fire losses in Lake County

We don't want to anticipate a lot of fire losses like we had last year. But, we know anything is possible when we have an incredibly dry heat and long, dry grasses. Mowing in the middle of the day is incredibly dangerous; we tell people to mow their lawns early in the morning or later in the evening. Lake County fire restoration is right up our alley, and has been for a long time. 

Clearlake Oaks smoke damage restoration

12/31/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Clearlake Oaks smoke damage restoration A job like this would take a few months. However, due to our excellent crew, and swift action, a few weeks was all that was needed!

Smoke damage restoration needs

Due to problems with malfunctioning appliance, fireplace mishaps, or even lightning strikes, fire damage has become more prominent in our area. This summer, we experienced the most devastating wildfire ever to hit Lake County, and the third worse fire in California. Due to SERVPRO of Lake County's efforts, we have been able to get residents back in their restored, cleaned homes.

Wildfire circumstances

The areas affected by the Valley Fire included Cobb, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake. Clearlake Oaks smoke damage restoration services are also available. We service all of Mendocino County, not just those overwhelmed with wildfires. We have been around for years, but the Valley Fire allowed us to really show off our skills! We worked incredibly hard, for weeks with no breaks, so we could help everyone that was affected. We also brought on new technicians, temporary workers, and got ourselves organized as best as possible due to the circumstances. 

This is the level of our dedication to our business, as well as your comfort after such a devastation. 

Cobb Smoke Damage Restoration

11/12/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cobb Smoke Damage Restoration We've taken care of many homes in the Cobb area, such as this one, that were suddenly affected by wildfire smoke damage.

Even after a fire, whether wild or home, is put out, damage can still accrue fast. Soot residue can cause permanent damage, as well as leave behind an odor. A yellow tint will stay on your furniture, walls, and fabrics if those items aren't treated properly. What should you do?

1. Get a smoke damage cleanup crew from SERVPRO

We have performed Cobb smoke damage restoration services a lot this season, especially due to the Valley Fire. In order to help as many people as possible, we brought in other experts, who are also IICRC certified, to assist. There are many levels to the smoke damage cleanup process that homeowners don't realize because this process isn't a daily ritual for them. For us, we can go in and really make a place shine within a few visits. Here is a home that was affected from the Valley Fire.

2. We can educate you on the process

There is a lot of paperwork, many phone calls, and homeowners usually have lots of questions. THIS IS OKAY. We welcome the questions, we understand the challenges, and the past several years of our business has demonstrated our growing capacity for knowledge in this industry. We also know mistakes can occur, and we do everything to make sure you and your home are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. You and your family have already been through enough and our goal is to make things easier. 

Hidden Valley Lake Fire Damage

10/30/2015 (Permalink)

Fire damage services are available

Many people wonder who is able to provide services when fire damage in Hidden Valley Lake happens. Does the fire department help? What about the health department? Do you have to get an out of town company for assistance? Do you have to deal with this work, damage, and difficult time on your own?

No need to worry, SERVPRO is a national franchise and has a local franchise right here in Lake County!

For those who have lost everything, there is hope

What do you say to someone who has lost everything? Coming up with words can be difficult. However, SERVPRO understands that losing everything, or losing a lot, is a huge trial to overcome. This fact is why we strive to preserve and restore as many belongings as possible. We also work directly with insurance companies to get the best possible outcome for the insured. We have construction, restoration, cleaning, plumbing, painting, and IICRC backgrounds so homes can be put back to normal, and eventually lives! We want to do as much as possible for those who have lost so much.

Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to help!

Middletown Fire Restoration

10/27/2015 (Permalink)


Six weeks ago, the largest Lake County disaster began. What seemed like a simple (in relation to larger) wildfire turned into a major disaster and required quick thinking and gathering of families and belongings. As dramatic as this turn of events became, no one expected a disaster quite as big as the Valley Fire.

However, as a community we have learned that there is a lot of love to give. Time, efforts, supplies, and money has been given to the people of Lake County, specifically Middletown, Cobb, and Hidden Valley. These towns were the most affected, and are being rebuilt as we speak.

Middletown fire restoration projects have been started and completed, and they will be continuing for a while. SERVPRO of Lake County has been prepared since the moment we learned about the fire. We had no idea so many people would be displaced, but we organized our people and efforts, and got to work with a camp style set up in Hidden Valley. For anyone who needs our cleanup and restoration services, has questions, or needs help filing an insurance claim, we are here to help. We've assisted countless homes over the years, including this fire damage in Middletown earlier this year. We are here to help, until the very end, and beyond!

Cobb Fire Damage Restoration

10/22/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cobb Fire Damage Restoration Do you really want to deal with this all over your home? Let SERVPRO do it, we come with a team that's fully equipped!

Valley Fire has left behind smoke and fire damaged homes

While the Valley Fire destroyed over a thousand homes, there are many homes still standing that have heavy smoke and fire damage. Most homeowner’s policies have covered a lot of Cobb homes that have smoke and soot residue, fire damage cleanup needs, or even water damage. Bubbling paint, melting effects on the structure of your home, smoke odor in the furniture, and the foundation of your home could be weakened. With more humidity and smoke damage, corrosive effects can start to take place

Insurance companies will need full details

Insurance companies need full reports of what caused the damage, what needs to be repaired, pictures, and an estimate of the cost of work. SERVPRO of Lake County can provide all this information by giving the homeowner the scope of work needed. We are thorough and precise, careful to evaluate every room and every square inch of your home. We took care of this Middletown fire damage a few weeks ago from the Valley Fire. Cobb fire damage restoration, especially during this emotional time that has affected entire communities, shouldn't be done on your own. Let the insurance company pay for it, and let SERVPRO of Lake County get you back into your home, like the damage never even happened.

Valley Fire Damage Cleanup

9/22/2015 (Permalink)

Valley Fire Damage Devastation

The Valley Fire - which has consumed Middletown, Cobb, and Hidden Valley Lake - is finally 3/4 contained. The fire has spread throughout south Lake County, Napa County, and Sonoma County. Evacuation centers and food distribution centers have been organized to help the victims in need. Almost 1300 homes have been affected or destroyed, in less than 10 days.

We are bigger than this fire

SERVPRO of Lake County is bigger than this fire! At this moment, we have dozens of workers in Lakeport getting organized and ready to go so we can start assisting those who have been allowed back to their homes. We provide fire damage restoration, smoke damage cleanup, water damage cleanup, and mold cleanup as well. Although we've never assisted with a fire of this magnitude, we have had large loss jobs that affected entire communities. We are in the works with other SERVPRO franchises as well so we can assist everyone as soon as possible.

Any insurance questions, or need of general advice?

If you are concerned whether to file a claim, or need help speaking with your insurance company, please let us know. We deal with insurance companies on a regular basis, not just during a devastating time like this. Our community has never had devastation of this size, but we have always been prepared for it. The strength of our community will survive this loss. 

Give us a call at 263-9283 for help with Valley Fire damage and cleanup services; we are here to help. 

Cobb Fire Restoration

9/15/2015 (Permalink)

Valley Fire devastation to surrounding areas and residences

A fire now known as the Valley Fire started on 9/12/15, and is the most devastating fire to ever hit Lake County. Homes, businesses, and schools in Cobb, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake have been completely destroyed. Thankfully, the team here at SERVPRO has already been ready to go due to the need for restoration work. Plus, the community has been working day and night to provide emergency shelter, food, hot showers, and supplies so families can get back on their feet.

Our restoration services

Cobb fire restoration services are available as soon as families are able to get back to homes that haven't been completely taken. Contact your insurance right away so you can begin a claim. We have already started the process of working with those who have insurance claims. We have techniques to clean smoke damaged homes, whether the damage is heavy or light. Even for homes that have burned, some restoration work can be accomplished.

Give us a call if you need help getting your home restored, 707-263-9283

Hidden Valley Lake Fire Damage

9/15/2015 (Permalink)

The Valley Fire- 9/13/2015

      We live here too and we want to help. We're making our team of fire damage experts available at no charge if you or someone you know needs advice after experiencing damage to your home from the Valley Fire.

      As a fellow resident of Lake County, the owner is making sure we are readily available. We know this experience has been unbelievably emotional and difficult. Homes are lots, pets are displaced, and the fire spread very quickly. However, we have had an amazing community that's gathered about as quickly as this fire. There is nothing we can't help provide for you. We will be here as soon as the fire is out, which our firefighting crews are working long hours to make happen.

 Please don't hesitate to call if you need help - 263-9283.