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Fort Bragg Crime Scene Cleaners

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Types of crime scenes

Nobody, not even law enforcement, wants to deal with crime scene cleanup. It’s the worst kind of cleanup service we perform. There are so many emotions behind it, even if the victim isn’t deceased. We have been contacted on numerous occasions by the local agencies in Mendocino County about crime scene cleanup involving drugs, drug paraphernalia, blood, and bodily fluids.

Our experience with Fort Bragg

We have worked as Fort Bragg crime scene cleaners for years.  However, many people think we are not local because we are part of a franchise. We are in fact local, as well as independently owned and operated. We are also IICRC Certified and work with most major insurance companies. Even if you don’t have insurance, we can work with you on a payment plan status and give you the best price for high quality work. This is the kind of work you need so you don’t end up paying too much due to errors. 

We are frequent coastal visitors, dealing with infestations and water damage mostly. We have also handled apartment complex fires, vandalism, and mold due to the humidity that’s very much active on the coast. If you believe you have a project for us and need some advice or information, give us a call!

Cloverdale Biohazard Remediation

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Most common biohazard remediation requests

The types of biohazard jobs where we get the most requests for clean up include: bodily fluids and waste, blood pathogens, homicide/suicide scene, sewage backup, accident scenes, and animal remains. 

What other kind of biohazards can we clean up?

Well, believe it or not, meth labs are given to us when they blow!  It's dangerous stuff, and illegal-for many reasons. We can also deal with homes where hoarders or squatters lived, tear gas clean up, chemical clean up, and anything else that you wouldn't want to touch without PPE (personal protective equipment)

We can perform any type of Cloverdale biohazard remediation, and perform it safely. 

Many people are at a loss of who to contact; 537-6635 is our direct number and we are available 24/7 for anything that happens.

Boonville Sewage Cleanup

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

How many cleanup companies are available to go over the mountains to beautiful Boonville? Not many. In fact, we don't think there are any companies directly in the area. In a small, quaint town, there may not be a huge need for a restoration company. However, Murphy's Law states that anything that can happen, will happen. Sewage damage is no exception! So, what do you do when you live in a small down that doesn't have a restoration company down the street? YOU CALL SERVPRO.

1. We are literally around the corner

In about 1 hour average, we can get our crew to your home. Usually, Boonville sewage cleanup is covered by insurance companies, especially if the damage is caused by someone else's home or city officials. This type of mishap happens often! Usually, sewage backups are accidents and they're always considered a biohazard. Be sure to check with your insurance company on the specifics of biohazard or sewage damage.

2. We can clean up any level of toxicity

Unless there's a public safety crisis and we have to get the CDC involved, we've never had any issues or had to say no to certain biohazard situations. Not only have we handled sewage jobs; we have also handled meth lab fires, heroin needles, rat infestations, hospital sanitization, dead animals (the most interesting one we've done involved snakes that died due to a power outage in their cages).

Whatever you think we can't handle, we have probably already done. Give us a call with your latest challenge! 707-462-3848 is the call for your direct, 24/7 emergency service company!

Boonville Biohazard Cleanup

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Any biohazard should be obvious to not handle yourself, but some people aren't aware of SERVPRO's skills. Not only are we capable to cleaning up fire, water, and mold damage, but we can also deal with most biohazards-unless the health department gets involved!

Sewage damage in Mendocino County

This is one of our most common biohazards, usually caused by backups in septic systems. Boonville biohazard cleanup has never been a challenge for us because we deal with this type of cleanup all the time! It's unfortunate, but it happens. Usually, the damage is on the inside of the home. Even accidents from animals can be considered a biohazard. We once dealt with an abandoned home that had animals residing in it for two weeks! (The animals were okay, but the house was not!)

Drugs and their dangers

We know: drugs are bad to consume. But what about cleaning them up? We've received calls about meth lab explosions and needles on playgrounds, and recently we did a major cleanup job from a former marijuana farm house. Wearing masks and gloves during these processes is incredibly important because of the harm certain drugs can cause if they're injested.

Don't risk it, let us deal with it! We are here to help.  

Middletown Biohazard Cleanup

5/19/2016 (Permalink)

Biohazard left behind

Even after a fire or flood has basically gone away, there are often remnants left behind that can be toxic. We always tell citizens to never walk directly through flooded waters, no matter how shallow, due to possible sewage contamination or other chemicals and rotten materials (even animals) that have been carried by the water's currents.

Fires need to be treated in the same way; the air, even after a fire has been extinguished, can be toxic or have altered the chemistry of any chemicals or materials that had burned. Inhaling smoke from garbage that has burned, for example, can contain dozens of toxins. Middletown biohazard cleanup has had to pass so many clearances due to the potential dangers from the Valley Fire.

"Smoke can contain many different chemicals, including aldehydes, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), benzene, toluene, styrene, metals and dioxins. The type and amount of particles and chemicals in smoke varies depending on what is burning, how much oxygen is available, and the burn temperature." New York Dept. of Health website)