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Archived Blog Posts

Lakeport Flooded Basement

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Storms-wind and rain

The wind and rain has been really unpredictable. Paying attention to local weather reports, as well as information from the Lake County Sheriff, is very beneficial to your family if a disaster does occur. Due to the nature of natural disasters, we respond in the middle of the night if necessary. 

A flooded basement in Lakeport

We haven't received many calls in the past about a flooded basement until recently. The window to the basement was broken, which allowed flowing water from the outside to make its way into the basement, causing contents to become damaged. Most of the contents were damaged; however, we were able to retrieve some sentimental belongings that were higher off the ground. The quicker you get to water damage, the less time it has to travel up a wall or through cardboard boxes. 

Upper Lake Water Damage Repair

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Different types of water damage

 A lot of people call us because they've had water damage due to a broken appliance, leak, flood, or broken pipe. We don't mind at all how the damage happened, we are happy and ready to help. But, we do have to perform certain testing to determine the category of water so we can properly cleanup, and repair, your home.  

Category 1 Water

 Category 1 is known as clean water. Water that comes from an overflowing sink, water supply line, or washer machine line fall under this category. It's known as clean water because the water more than likely isn't contaminated. This is the 2nd most common type of loss we see. We recommend replacing your water lines according to the manufacturer's instructions, as well as shutting off water when you will be gone for even a couple days. The most common type of loss we see involving water is Category 2. 

Category 2 Water

This type of water is known as gray water. This water is wastewater that can come from bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. Water damage from any of these situations can pose a risk to people due to contaminants. It's the most common, due to utility and appliance malfunctions. Upper Lake water damage cleanup requires us to always be prepared for Category 2. 

Category 3 Water

This category is the most dangerous to people and animals. It is known as black water because the primary source is sewage. Floods, sewer backups, and water mixed with animal waste have the highest potential of being labeled a Category 3. When we at SERVPRO know what kind of water we are having to clean up, we can better prepare for the project. We can also assure you and your family will be safe!

Clearlake Home Repair

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Building Services Clearlake Home Repair This water damaged home was due to a leaky roof, so SERVPRO repaired the water damage right away.

Fixing repairs from fire and water damage

Usually, plumbers and construction workers don't know the entire process of dealing with water or fire damage. Most homeowners start with using towels to soak up water when they have a major leak or floor. But, some don't know that this isn't the only thing that needs to be done.

Over 1,700 franchises in the US and Canada

Although we have franchises in every state, a lot of communities aren't aware of what SERVPRO can do. We are anxious to educate the community. We have been around for almost 50 years, and know everything in and out of the restoration industry. We have learned from other companies what not to do, and how to treat our customers properly. Whether you are having coverage concerns or issues with your insurance company, have odd circumstances, or just need some advice on where to start with the clean up process, we are here to help. We managed to get this Clearlake home repair project finished in time for the market. 

Lake County Fire Damage and the Importance of Insurance Coverage

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

Why don't more people get homeowners insurance?

Human nature tells us that just because someone had a bad experience with fire or water damage, doesn't mean we will. "I'm careful with all my appliances." "I don't live in an area that has dry weather." "I have coverage on other items in my home, as well as my vehicle." "It won't happen to me."

Recently, Lake County experiences a devastating fire which is effecting so many. Homes were burned, and some of those homes didn't have insurance coverage. This is an incredibly unfortunate circumstance because many of these homes may not be rebuilt due to lack of family funds.

What can you do to protect your investments?

The first thing you should do to get homeowners insurance is call your insurance company. This would be the same company that insurances your vehicles, boats, or provides your life insurance. Getting homeowners insurance is relatively expensive, and depends on the amount of coverage you want for the items in your home. 

This massive fire that struck Lake County can happen anywhere, under any circumstance. We still have dry weather and are still going through a drought. SERVPRO of Lake County recommends you get yourself signed up for homeowners insurance right away. If you're a tenant, you can talk with your property manager and insurance company about getting coverage for your contents. 

Fire damage is possible under any circumstances; don't be caught without homeowners insurance coverage. Anything is possible!

Home Repairs In Lake County

6/25/2018 (Permalink)


Home repair in Clearlake, Lakeport, Kelseyville, and Hidden Valley Lake

When your home needs repair from fire or water damage, the repair may require more than fixing the floor or patching a wall. Water damage leaves behind soaked belongings, rotting wood, peeling paint, cracked and broken drywall, and even mold. Fire damage leaves behind smoke damage, soot, a weak structure, and often a major reconstruction project.

We can begin almost any sort of home repair related to fire or water damage. Pipes break in attics, water heaters accidentally flood basements, kitchen fires start, and mold only takes 24 hours to start growing. We are in Lake County, CA and service all the major cities, including Clearlake, Lakeport, Kelseyville, Hidden Valley Lake, and all surrounding areas.

We are a local company you can trust with your biggest home and insurance headache. Getting your home back in tip top shape is important for your family's sake. 707-263-9283 is our 24 hour phone number, 7 days a week; we are here to help! 

Middletown, CA Water Damage Repair

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Middletown, CA Water Damage Repair Imagine your plumber trying to take care of this water damage mess!

Need water damage repairs completed? Look no further than SERVPRO of Lake County, proudly serving the local area for over 7 years! 707-263-9283

While any plumber can assist a homeowner due to a leak issue, many plumbing companies will not take on the responsibility or liability of water damage. Water damage isn't everyone's expertise because it's a science that SERVPRO professionals understand. There's more involved than opening doors and hoping most of the area dries. Middletown water damage repair is often needed due to broken or leaking pipes. While the leak may be stopped, there is most likely unseen water that causes the most damage. 
Let us help you before water damage becomes too costly, call SERVPRO of Lake County at 707-263-9283. We are available whenever water damage strikes, always!

Mold Damage Restoration in Middletown

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Lake County when you first notice mold growth in your home or business, 707-263-9283

Over the weekend, we received a call from a business owner for mold damage in Middletown, CA. His shop had a serious mold problem due to lack of ventilation, especially in the closets. Mold can become a huge issue because it destroys  the structure and foundation of a home or business. We came in and began mold removal immediately. We removed the entire mold in a timely manner and he was able to reopen his shop without missing any business days.
This detail is very crucial for business owners, whose business is their livelihood. No one wants or needs a disruption. Call SERVPRO of Lake County today at 707-263-9283 at the first sign of mold growth in your home or business.

Hidden Valley Lake Home Repair

5/31/2018 (Permalink)


Home repair can be extensive and expensive

Many homeowners look for a quick fix to put their home back together due to a storm, fire, or vehicle striking their home. However, if a structure isn't built correctly or is lacking an important element, more damage may occur and thousands of dollars that could've been saved are instead being taken out of a college fund.

How do you know who is reliable?

There are many companies that homeowner can seek to help them in need; however, will this company give them the quality service they deserve? Hidden Valley Lake home repair is an important industry to have in Lake County. There are many high quality homes built with love, but sometimes they may not be built to survive heavy storms or winds. This is normal; we are used to seeing homes with large holes in the roof due to heavy winds and rain. Usually, this is accompanied by water damage. There have even been homes with lightning damage!

SERVPRO of Lake County can put your soul at ease with home repair solutions!

 Give us a chance to show you the care we can put into repairing your home to pre loss condition. We can perform demolition work, water damage repair, fire damage repair, mold removal and cleanup, post construction cleanup, biohazard cleanup and removal, and contents cleaning. Your insurance agent would be impressed by our communications, documentation, and handling of all your personal belongings. We take pride in everything we do, and we know this attitude can make all the difference in  your experience with Hidden Valley Lake home repair specialists. 

Clearlake Mold Removal

5/23/2018 (Permalink)


What can SERVPRO do for you when you need mold removal in Clearlake, CA?  Call us at 707-263-9283 to find out!

Identifying and remediating the moisture source is incredibly important to maintain proper indoor air quality after the mold has been cleaned up. For very extensive damage caused by mold, we are able to remove sections of drywall and carpet. By using our specialty cleaning solutions, we can remove the majority of small areas of mold growth.

This solution is much more cost effective than allowing the mold to sit for weeks, or tearing down an entire structure. That's our ultimate goal; to make mold removal in your home as painless as possible. We can do all the work, in very little time, to make that mold mess like it was never even there!

You deserve to live in a healthy home, and SERVPRO of Lake County can make that goal happen. 

Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration

5/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage isn't worth any more blood, sweat and tears

Getting yourself organized and prepared enough to deal with fire damage can be really exhausting, especially since emotional involvement is inevitable. Handing off the work to a reputable company that will work with your insurance company and make things easier for you. Finding a company like this sounds like a pipe dream-until you've worked with SERVPRO.

Restoration services are ALWAYS available

SERVPRO of Lake County has been working in the Hidden Valley Lake area due to fire damage restoration needs. The Valley Fire has caused a lot of damage, even though it's been 100% contained for about two weeks. We are dedicated to staying in close contact with all those affected, as well as technicians, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, the health departments, and any other agencies that are involved. 

Some of our top questions include:

1.) How much does smoke damage cleanup cost?

     Cost depends on the extent of the damage, how much of the home is affected, what needs to be done, how many technicians are needed and whether any additional testing needs to be conducted. There are many factors involved, and a straight quote is difficult to give until you have been contacted by a technician.

2.) When are you available?

     We can gather your information, such as your name, phone number, address, and work needed and give this information to our production manager and team so we can schedule an appointment with you that's most convenient.

3.) Who do I talk with about ...?

     No matter your question, we can put you into contact with someone who can help. We have a team of estimators, managers, marketers, and owners who know you need direct, concise information.

Give us a call to schedule Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration services. We are here to help you during this difficult time.

Clearlake fire damaged homes

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Fire restoration companies are few and far in between

SERVPRO of Lake County has received many calls from future customers involving this statement: "I looked you up on Google, and your company sounds really professional." This is a true statement. Our company understands the community's needs, especially during fire season, and we also know many people don't know what our company does, or that our company exists. We are here to answer your questions.

"Why do I need a fire restoration company?"

After a fire has been extinguished, many families immediately turn to a construction company for help after talking with the insurance company. However, not all construction companeis are capable of dealing wth fire restoration. Fire restoration involves cleaning as much of the existing area as possible. Soot residue, acid, and smoky odors can set into your furniture and walls, and many items can discolo to a yellow hue if not cleaned properly. Cleanup can become very expensive if you wait to begin the process.

"Who is SERVPRO of Lake County?"

SERVPRO of Lake County is a fire restoration company that will utilize fire restoration techniquest in order to return a home to a pre loss state. We are IICRC certified, which means we are reliable and have the expertise needed to get your home back into shape. Clearlake fire restoration is one of our many specialty areas. We have cleaned many homes, dealt with many insurance companies, and seen many happy faces due to our hard work and determination to provide the best service.

Give us a call at 707-263-9283 to schedule an appointment today if you've had fire damage and need help getting it cleaned right away!

Storm damage to Clearlake home

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm damage to Clearlake home We got this home dry before it started to mold.

Only so much can be done during a storm, but so much can happen. Give SERVPRO a call at 263-9283 for information on storm damage cleanup.

Pictured below is a home affected by the Clearlake storm damage that happened last December. This Clearlake home was also affected by storm damage. Although local businesses and families were warned about the storm that would occur, only so much preparation would help people deal with the storm AFTERWARDS. Yes, you can bear the storm, but what about afterwards? What will you do to pick up the pieces, and put them back together? SERVPRO of Lake County has the answers.

We will come out to the damaged property and provide you with a scope of the work that needs to be completed in order to get your home or business in pre-storm condition. Our technicians are available 24/7, because storm damage in Clearlake and the surrounding areas has nothing on what our people are capable of accomplishing.

Water damage loss in Middletown

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water damage loss in Middletown When water damage disaster happens, whether from a leaky pipe or big rain storm, we are here to help you.

Even the smallest problems can become the biggest catastrophes, call 707-263-9283 right away for advice and help.

This Middletown water damage loss started small. There was a small leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. The next day, the ceiling was starting to cave, and water ran down the walls. Paint began to peel off the walls, insulation began to mold, and the bathroom wasn't usable. Just 24 hours after the first sign of water damage, all this chaos ensued. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Lake County at the first sight of damage. We are locally owned and operated, professionally trained and up to date in the restoration industry, and IICRC Certified. We even help with insurance claims! Since we work with insurance companies on a regular basis, we understand their timely requirements and requests. Basically, we speak their lingo. There's nothing worse than having a loss and not understanding how insurance companies work. Don't put yourself through that stress, let us help you!

Lakeport mold and mildew issues

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Need mildew removal? Spring cleaning means you may find mildew lurking, call 707-263-9283 to schedule cleanup services.

The kitchen of this home in Lakeport is mold and mildew damaged to the max. It's easy to see the mold growth that's already occurred due to extensive water damage! Lakeport mildew removal technicians came out to this home because the homeowner was cleaning the structure and noticed mold growth all along the bottom of the walls.

When water leaks occur and aren't addressed right away, mold growth will almost always occur. While some molds aren't dangerous, the longer water damage sits, the more harmful mold and mildew growth can occur.

SERVPRO of Lake County is trained in mildew removal and will examine a structure for any visible signs of mildew or mold. The technician may recommend you leave the affected area while the mold cleanup and associated containment process is being safety completed. 

This is why we do what we do: to help our communities get back to their lives. We are everywhere in the community. Call SERVPRO of Lake County today if you need mildew removal completed, 707-263-9283. Don't hesitate when your well being is on the line.

Mold cleanup in Middletown: all the details

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold cleanup in Middletown: all the details Some of our hardest workers battling a difficult mold job are featured here!

Mold Cleaning Experts in your area, 707-263-9283 is the number to call 24/7

What characteristics do you want in a mold cleanup expert? Mold cleanup experts are known as technicians at SERVPRO of Lake County!

Mold is a messy subject, quite literally, and can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. Mold grows in damp and dark places, and only needs 24 hours to start spreading like wildfire. Mold can cause structures to weaken, eyes to water, and throats to burn. Spores can let loose into the air, affecting those with weakened immune systems such as children and the elderly. 

Do you want your family to continue to suffer due to mold damage? If the answer is no, you're in the right place to receive valuable information on the first steps to take once you find mold. If you don't get mold damage handled correctly the first time, it will come back and continue to grow, leaving your home in an unstable condition.

The first thing to do to get your home into better shape is to identify the source of the mold and deal with it, so the mold doesn't continue to grow. Wearing PPE suits around excessive mold is recommended, as well as gloves, due to the dangers breathing mold can present. 

The second task to complete after discovering mold is to seal away the area, so mold spores don't continue to spread. Heating and cooling units and systems must be shut down right away so mold spores aren't circulated through your home.

If mold damage is starting to cause more of a headache and looks like a costly situation, contacting your insurance company and a qualified Middletown mold remediation company, such as SERVPRO, would ensure your headaches would cease in more ways than one. 

This mold cleaning process may seem lengthy. Why don't you leave it to the professionals? We've completed Middletown mold cleanup many times, as well as in the surrounding areas, and also know how to communicate with insurance companies about coverage issues. We have the technology and expertise, as well as the patience, to deal with such a disaster. We are here to help you, bottom line. Give us a call, let us prove it to you. 707-263-9283 is all it takes to get started!

Kelseyville water damage-what are your biggest questions?

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Kelseyville water damage-what are your biggest questions? Water damage in this bathroom was caused by the water that was left on for several hours!

Whenever we get a phone call, we run into many of the same questions: How much does water damage cleanup cost? Am I in an area you service? How long does it take someone to get here? When will I receive a phone call? This is a silly question, but…

We can answer all your questions right here! Following a Kelseyville water damage loss, the homeowners let us know they were so grateful for our patience and understanding with all their questions.

How much does water damage cleanup cost?

Water damage cleanup can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the extent of the damage, how long the damage was sitting, whether there is mold present, and whether contents were affected. We can help you go over your options. The number one tip we give to anyone who has had water damage is to call experts right away. This swift action will prevent more water damage from happening, therefore lowering the cost for you (or possibly your insurance, or any combination of the two).

When will I receive a phone call?

After contacting our office at 707-263-9283, you will receive a follow up phone call from one of our Project Managers or our Production Manager in one hour or less.

This is a silly question, but…

There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to the complicated work SERVPRO of Lake County performs. We have the best training and education available so we can perform the best job possible, as well as are experts in our field. We are more than willing to answer any and all questions. Having a water damage loss is a headache of a situation; our hope is to lessen that headache. 

Mendocino storm damage

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Mendocino storm damage The roof leaked into the bathroom of this home, causing extensive damage. We were able to dry it out and perform repairs in one week.

Mendocino Storm Damage

The stormy season has really picked up this spring in Mendocino County. Hail, wind, rain, sleet, and maybe snow is appearing in some areas. Trees fall on the roof and water come in from the top. Heavy downpours can strike at any minute. What's the status on your roof? What about your gutters?

Roof leaks happen this time of year

The moment heavy rain is sitting on your roof, and the roof is flat or the gutters are full, the water will have nowhere to go except down. Your home could be affected by Mendocino storm damage. The water could go down into the kitchen, the bedrooms, the living room, or the dining room! Which are you going to choose?

That's really a trick question; you don't have to choose any of those options. Instead, choose SERVPRO.

Annual preparation

We know how devastating, stressful, and uncomfortable dealing with water damage can be. We try to make it as easy as possible, while giving you the best care as possible. Keep an eye on things at home for a while this winter; we need this rain, and it won't be going away any time soon.

We hope you don't need our services, but if you do, we are here to help!

Basement flooding in Clearlake

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Clearlake basement flooded during the storms

Most homeowners insurance don't cover flooding. Now would be a good reason to call your insurance company and change your coverage. Trying to do repairs in rainy weather can cause even more damage, which is why we also recommend winterizing your home before storms set in. Fixing leaks, cleaning out gutters, and finishing any construction projects are highly recommended.

Water extraction services and flood damage

We've had basement floods in Clearlake happen due to the older homes, and they occur to the point where all the boxes and miscellaneous items, including furniture, were found floating. This kind of extreme flood damage usually happens in homes that haven't been inhabited for several weeks. However, storms are unpredictable. Keeping an eye on all your properties is essential if you want to prevent extensive damage to the home.

Flood damage in Clearlake home

4/20/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood damage in Clearlake home We are always prepared to help you with damage to your home, no matter what time of day!

Flood damage 

Even if you don't live in a zone that experiences a lot of flooding, this year may prove that flooding can happen anywhere as long as there is enough water. Do you want to wait to find out if your home will flood?

What can you do to avoid flood damage?

Contact your local fire station to find out about sand bag filling stations would be a first step. If you're able, modify the furnace and water heater so they sit higher off the ground. Be sure to clean your gutters, drains, and downspouts so water and debris doesn't build up heavy on the roof. 

But, what if my home floods anyways?

Preparation doesn't ensure a disaster won't occur, but it sure can prevent a whole lot of disaster. If Clearlake flood damage happens despite your efforts, give SERVPRO of Lake County a call. We have been all over Lake County this year helping get wildfire victims back inside their homes. We are prepared for this winter/spring season to hit, and stay for a while.

We are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hope you won't need our services-same as hospitals, fire departments, and police officers-but the devastation would be great if we weren't here to help you get back on track.

Water damage in Clearlake home-how bad is it?

4/20/2018 (Permalink)

Lake County water damage professionals are always available to help. 707-263-9283, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recent Clearlake water damage to a vacation home required less than a week of home restoration work! SERVPRO like to get in and out so you can get on with your life. There's no sense in dragging out the recovery time, especially when your vacation home is involved. When done right the first time, SERVPRO can save you money, time, effort, and even insurance headaches.

A lot of people may see water leaks or damage and not think it's a big deal. However, if left untreated, it will spread like an infection or disease. It will multiply, and never stop, until treatment is applied.

Let us help you get back to your vacation, your life, worry free, "Like it never even happened."

Attic mold in Kelseyville due to poor circulation

3/29/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Attic mold in Kelseyville due to poor circulation Don't even TRY doing this kind of cleanup yourself, you'll waste your time and energy, and end up calling SERVPRO anyways!

Owning a home is a lot of responsibility

There is a lot to do when preparing to buy a home. You have to go through the inspection process, get your credit report, sign a bunch of documents, get approved for a loan, and then there's the unpacking! We bet you didn't sign up to deal with recurring mold in your attic due to poor fan circulation and moisture buildup. NEITHER DID WE, but we are still happy to help when there is a problem!

Attic moisture builds up

This home in Kelseyville accumulated mold over the course of two years, and the homeowners realized the moisture from the bathrooms and laundry area weren't being filtered to the outside of the home. After careful evaluation, they decided to have SERVPRO deal with the cleanup of the exposed areas in the attic. 

We were there to inspect, and then we set up equipment for two days, and used a special product on the exposed wood to kill the mold spores that are affecting this structure. The last thing you want is the structure of your home compromised, especially after going through all the trouble to own it!

Mold in many Lakeport properties

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

Special circumstances

Due to the recent wildfires, many homes are chaotic and families are getting regrouped in with whatever situation they find themselves. We've received calls about smoke damage, water damage, odor, and bio hazard issues due to infestation. With all the chaos, mold may even grow if you have a roof leak, recent appliance malfunction, or a project that has been placed on the back burner. 

Middletown mold removal services

Lakeport mold removal services are available!  We are here to help always, but the mold situation requires constant care and attention. The fires are spreading throughout California, and if water gets into your home because you don't have a roof or you received assistance from your local fire department, mold is sure to grow!

Communications with insurance companies

We are dealing with a large amount of insurance communications, but are used to handling insurance companies on a daily basis. According to your loss's needs, we may even talk with them every week. We are willing to do what is necessary to get your home and lives back after this tragedy that has affected entire communities. 

Give us a call at 707-263-9283 for more information and immediate assistance. 

Fire damage in Middletown home

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire damage in Middletown home How long would it take you to deal with all this, by yourself, with no guidance?

You deserve consistency during a whirlwind of disaster, SERVPRO of Lake County provides that kind of quality work. 707-263-9283 is the magic number for all your cleanup needs.

What do you do in the case of a fire?

Remain in a panic? Become an emotional mess? These are normal reactions to a devastating experience, one that hopefully you'll never have to endure. However, if you do experience a fire, we can help you through the debris, the panic, and mess so you can put the pieces back together.

What is the process of fire restoration?

After the fire is out, what is the next step? Not only is your home in shambles due to the flames, but perhaps it's been torn apart in some areas and flooded in others due to emergency response efforts. SERVPRO knows how to get the restoration process started right away, in a way that keeps you informed. First, technicians will be on site as soon as we are notified about the damage. Second, we can let you know the scope of the work needed to be completed to get your home back into preloss condition. Then, a board up or tarp up service will be provided, if needed. Water removal would be the next step, due to the destructive behavior water exhibits when left to travel all over your home. Then, smoke and soot removal would take place. Lastly, the cleaning, repair, and restoration of your home and belongings would be the finishing touches on your home, which will look better than before the fire!

Middletown fire restoration is available all year round, 24 hours a day, because fire damage doesn't take a day off and can happen when you least expect it. Let us help you during your unexpected difficulties. Call in the cleanup team to help make that fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Smoke damage restoration for Nice community

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Smoke damage restoration for Nice community We boarded up this home right when we heard about the loss to prevent things like entry from water, wind, rodents, and looters. Who needs that?!

We know the fire isn't done just because it's been put out

After a fire has happened, anyone can just be glad their house is still standing and their family is safe. However, when are you able to get back into your home? How difficult will cleaning up all that smoke damage be? Dealing with a fire at your home is already emotional; no one would want to go through their things and fix their home while in a grieving process.

How can we assist you?

SERVPRO of Lake County is available for Nice smoke damage restoration services at any time, day or night. We are a 24 hour emergency service company that's here for the community, especially since the Valley Fire took place. There is a right way and a wrong way to clean up smoke damage; fortunately, SERVPRO of Lake County knows how to take care of it right!

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, 263-9283, we are always here to help!

Kelseyville storm damage

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

While the holidays are a fun time of the year for most, often we get phone calls on Christmas about water damage, flood damage, and wind damage on roofs that allow water to sink into your home. No one wants that, but who wants to deal with it on Christmas? With all the major disasters that have been occurring-mud slides, hurricanes, wildfires-we need to be on the lookout for what could happen in our community. Preparedness is key because it can make a potentially difficult, devastating situation more bearable and easier to maintain.  

SERVPRO, your 24 hour clean up company!

We always remain on call, even during the weekends and holidays and happy hour. There are those disasters that don't wait until after Santa has left the building, or before the Easter Bunny gets here! We always come ready for our equipment, especially for an emergency loss, so we can start work right away and not delay the drying process. 

Mold removal in the Lucerne community

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

No one can "remove" mold completely

Any company that tells you THEY can completely remove mold is not being an honest company. The truth is, mold cannot be completely removed because it's an organic substance that is found everywhere in our atmosphere. It's in the air, ground, and water. It lives in damp, dimly lit areas and can vary in poison levels. The spores are so small, they can only be seen clearly under a microscope. Do you really think a person or company could completely REMOVE mold that is so microscopic?

What should a restoration company be able to do for you?

Since we know mold is all around us, we know we can actually survive with it. For the typical human being, complete removal of mold isn't necessary or possible. Performing Lucerne mold removal services means mitigation at its absolute best by the finest technicians! Getting it out of the walls, cleaning the air, and deodorizing the rooms where the mold grew are just a few of the things our team can handle. We've handled everything from abandoned homes to single bedrooms, and BEYOND!

Upper Lake water damage

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

We had a customer discover water damage after removing a dishwasher. They had no idea for how long water damage had sat there on their NEW FLOOR, but they were eager to get it fixed.

Water damage repair process

Repairs can include drying, pulling up materials, or moving appliances in the kitchen to make sure damage didn't spread elsewhere. Moisture meters are used throughout the restoration and repair process to make sure the area is getting dry, or not getting any wetter. We may also recommend or require reconstruction of the room(s) affected due to heavy or extensive damage. However, no matter how heavy or extensive water damage has affected your home, we will see to the very end that your home is fixed.

Upper Lake water damage services

We service Upper Lake water damage problems on a regular basis. We have our Lake County crew on standby Monday through Friday, when damage typically happens or is found. When people are gone for the weekend and come home to a mess, we are more than willing to help with those catastrophes. Or, if you left on the sink due to a heated argument with a telemarketer, we can help with those messes too!

Fire damage restoration in Lake County-Clearlake Oaks

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire damage restoration in Lake County-Clearlake Oaks This home had damage mostly contained to one area of the house, but the damage spread through soot, ashes, and water.

Call us to restore your home after a fire, 707-263-9283

One of SERVPRO's phrases to live by is "restore before replace"; we strive to make a devastating situation easier by restoring as much of a home as possible before insisting items are replaced. Restoration is an art, and in the above picture, a ceiling is restored from damage due to a fire that affected the entire home.

All the contents of this home in Clearlake Oaks had to be removed; however, 95% of the contents were able to be restored by SERVPRO technicians! SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County prides itself on restoration before replacement, always! 

We value our cleaning processes and understand the value you have on your home and belongings. We appreciate the opportunity to work for you!

Lakeport mold remediation

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Lakeport mold remediation This mold was discovered during a remodel of a home.

We can't determine whether there is mold in your home if it isn't visible.

However, we can recommend Lakeport mold cleanup, no problem! Every home deserves to be a healthy home, we agree 100%. Plus, indoor air quality can be evaluated on a regular basis to make sure your home is in proper living condition. Mold is present in the air constantly, although not always in a heavy concentration. When mold is present in your home, it can cause a lot of structural damage and weakness, depending on the amount.

What causes mold anyways?

Mold is often caused by water damage that hasn't been property repaired, an organic substance that's left behind and not properly disposed, or even a little bit of moisture. Improperly insulated windows is a big problem in our area. We recommend double pane windows all the way! This type of window keeps out moisture and prevents it from building up inside your home. 

Storm damage in Hidden Valley Lake-SERVPRO advice

12/26/2017 (Permalink)

We haven't had any severe winter rains or snow, but anything is possible and being prepared isn't a bad idea. Storm damage is any damage to your home that happens due to a storm; water damage, flood damage, fire damage, and wind damage. Even mold damage can occur after a storm, especially after a flood in your home. 

Insurance coverage after a storm

Depending on the circumstances surrounding water damage in your home, your homeowners insurance may not cover it. Insurance companies won't cover floods due to a storm unless you specifically purchase flood insurance. Roof leaks may not be covered if it's been determined that the homeowners were neglectful in getting their roof fixed, or let the gutter get too full.

Reevaluating your homeowners insurance during the winter and spring seasons is highly recommended by us at SERVPRO of Lake County. Insurance companies can be a true blessing, and get you through some hard times. Belongings affected by storm damaged can be costly, so see what your insurance company can offer you. 

Our procedure from the first phone call

As soon as you call us and need help with emergency storm damage, we will make sure a Project Manager gives you a call in the same hour. After 4 hours, we will be on site and ready to start work. After 8 hours, we can give you an entire scope of all the work that we will be completing. We will also keep in contact with you and your insurance company to make sure all three parties are on the same page. This strategy will save you from a headache, as well as money, in the long run. 

We do what we can to make sure you get the best service possible. We are always looking to improve our services so we can accommodate your needs. The needs of our community are constantly changing, and we keep up with the pace!

Lower Lake High School smoke damage

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

We did some work after the results of the Clayton Fire during this summer of 2016. Many buildings, mostly commercial, were affected. We called on all three of our franchises (Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma NE) to work together so the students could start school on time.

We also worked with insurance adjusters, water and smoke damaged homes, and training new temporary employees. This summer kept us busy with mostly water and fire damage-the score was even, but we never like to see entire communities up in flames. The Lower Lake High School was very happy to have us on board and even thanked us, along with other businesses, because we offered them so much support.

We care deeply about our communities, and want them to thrive. We are Lake County STRONG!

Kelseyville commercial water cleanup

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial cleanup in Lake County

We have always been able to handle large losses with the help of a big, dedicated team. But, a lot of companies don't realize that SERVPRO of Lake County can handle things like Kelseyville commercial water cleanup. Pipes break even in buildings that are consistently maintained. To have a pipe break during business hours is horrifying to a business owner or corporation. They can lose business, products, and customers.

50% of water or fire damaged businesses don't reopen

We don't like this statistic, so we do everything we do to fight it. A loss of a business is a loss to families who need the income, as well as the community who appreciates what the business has to offer. 

We are not just a 2 man business, we can handle large commercial losses, and understand the way insurance works, so the loss can be handled properly. 

Commercial cleanup for all of Lake County

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Government agencies, not just stores

We've been landing a lot of jobs with our local government agencies, libraries, and schools! Although we are a small franchise, we are capable of great things. We still love to tell the story about the big Laytonville flood in 2012. The entire high school flooded, but was dried out by SERVPRO in 23 days! The school was able to open up just in time for classes after the winter break.

Where can SERVPRO provide service?

Basically, any area that is a building with furniture, valuables, and materials can be cleaned and treated by SERVPRO. We are constantly supporting our local businesses with our cleanup services. Although some places have a protocol set in place on what to do when a fire or water loss happens, there are often miscommunication or confusion, or the company that was supposed to come start work didn't get in touch with the client. We are happy to report we are right down the road, and ready for anything!

Home and business repair

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lake County has a lot of talented individuals at its disposal. We have plumbers, electricians, former construction employees, natural born leaders, and young people just looking to get started with a physically demanding job! 

Home and business repair projects in Lake County

Lake County home repair isn't easy, and that's why we are here. We have a collective group of individuals that work as a team to get everything done. We have a production, office, and marketing team that have to work together; otherwise, we may not be as successful as we are at repairing homes that have been affected by fire or water damage. 

How we work together

Our production company communicates with our office when they receive a job, as well as when a job has finished. This way, we can put together the estimate and other paperwork, and send it to the insurance. Our marketing office also communicates with production and the office on any new events happening, or we brainstorm ways to reach out to the community when natural disasters occur, such as wildfires. When we get large commercial jobs, we get a bigger crew together (if needed), and make sure everyone has been trained properly. Commercial jobs are scrutinized much more closely because of public health issues. 

We do these things so we can build the best team possible, and to deal with disasters that no one else can, or will, do. "Like it never even happened." is only with us!

Kelseyville Fire Damage

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kelseyville Fire Damage There's always a chance of saving your belongings when you respond quickly to fire damage.

"How long does it take?"

"When can I have my stuff back?"

"How much is all this going to cost?"

"Will my home be safe to live in again?"

Fire damage is unsettling

These questions, and many more, can be answered by our technicians here at SERVPRO of Lake County. Sometimes, things happen in our lives that seem unreal, and we lose our focus. We aren't able to concentrate, we become irritable, and lost in our emotions. Fires are no exception. Whether it is a wildfire, house fire, or kitchen appliance fire, it can be incredibly emotional. SERVPRO of Lake County can answer all your major questions about fire damage. Besides working with all major insurance companies and storing contents, we also provide board ups for your home to protect the inside if the outside has been burned badly.

Important things to keep in mind

After contacting your insurance company, contact SERVPRO of Lake County. We can keep in contact with your insurance company, and make sure we are following direct procedures from them. We can also create an inventory and clean your contents, perform complete removal of hazardous material, and even perform some construction duties. Take a look at more of our fire damage process. 

Don't let fire damage get you down, call SERVPRO. We are here to help! 

Middletown Water Damage-how bad is it?

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

While the Middletown area experienced great fire destruction two years ago, SERVPRO doesn't forget that water damage in Middletown is still just as likely. In Mendocino County alone, we received 3 (THREE!) calls over the weekend about water damage incidences in three separate homes. These incidences are why we work on weekends, holidays, and at 3 AM. 

Take a look below on ways you can reduce a water damage mishap:

Take care of those pipes!

Some older homes may have older pipes that need to be evaluated or replaced. While we don't necessarily recommend digging into the walls (unless you're already doing a reconstruction project), keep an eye out for any random leaks, discoloring of the walls, or squishy carpet/warped hardwood floors. If you have random puddles of water on the floor and don't know the source, don't ignore them! It could be the start of a massive flood.

Don't leave water running unattended

We had a customer who left on the bathroom faucet after receiving a call from an insurance scammer. The entire bathroom, which was carpeted, was flooded along with clothes, toys, and furniture. What a nightmare, in more than one way! Thankfully, her husband's friend works for SERVPRO, and was able to get some drying equipment to the home and start pulling out the carpet.

Even if you say "it's only going to be for a second," you may lose track of that second and it will turn into 1,000 seconds, which is 1,000 times worse than before you turned on that faucet. Our recommendation is to not leave any water source flowing, even from outside. Your garage or outdoor shed could become flooded, which are most likely filled with your belongings and important items. 

Fire cleanup due to wildfires in Willits, Ukiah, and Hopland

7/19/2017 (Permalink)

We always anticipate that our area will be hit with wildfires due to our abundance of brush, trees, and hills. However, we don't just overthink and worry; we prepare. The difference between prepared and unprepared could mean thousands of dollars. We've had several fires within this last week in Mendocino County alone. 

How you can prepare

Knowing your options and resources available can make a stressful situation much more bearable. 
Have all your insurance information handy, as well as SERVPRO's contact information, 462-3848. We can help you get back inside your home after you've experienced a fire, whether it's due to an accident or a wildfire. We also work well with all insurance companies to make sure we can get you the best care possible!

How we prepare for fires

We hope you don't have to use our services, but we are here if you do. We are a 24 hour service, and have someone on call at all times. We also work closely with the fire departments with promoting fire safety, especially during the hotter months. We also work as quickly as possible when we hear that there was a fire damaged home; the longer the damage sits, the harder it is to repair. 

Middletown Mold Removal

7/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Middletown Mold Removal Would you let this mold sit very long after seeing it? We didn't think so.

Mold damage in Lake County

The wall of this bedroom in Middletown is being tested for moisture. It's easy to see the mold growth that's already occurred due to extensive water damage! We are experts in mold removal, but usually don't see mold this extensive.

SERVPRO of Lake County came out to this home because the homeowner had used the room for storage. Upon removing items, the homeowner noticed extensive mold growth all along the windows and on the walls.

How does all this damage happen?

Water intrusion can happen from water leaks, broken pipes, storms, open structures, or equipment failures. When water intrusion does occur and it isn't addressed right away, mold growth will almost always occur. While some molds aren't dangerous, the longer water damage sits, the more harmful mold growth can occur. 

SERVPRO of Lake County technicians are trained in mold removal and will examine a structure for any visible signs of mold.  The technician may also recommend you leave the affected area while the mold cleanup and associated containment process is being safety completed. All for the sake of health!

This is why we do what we do: to help our communities get back to their lives.  

Water damage cleanup services in Clearlake

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage cleanup services are here when you're in a bind- 263-9283 is our on call phone number, 24 hours a day!

Water losses can happen in all forms---busted pipes, broken dishwashers, children discovering that magic handle on the toilet, accidentally letting the water run while you deal with that annoying telemarketer...anything is possible! However, all these water losses cause the same headaches. 

Many homeowners may not realize the consequences of not calling a Clearlake water damage specialist. Material can rot, water likes to travel and cause messes in other places, mold can grow, and the structure of your home can become weakened. Repairs will be more expensive the longer you wait to get that project out of way.

Why don't you call SERVPRO of Lake County the first time, instead of having that expensive bill because you let water damage sit for six months? SERVPRO can take care of anything big, small, or in between. Give us a call at 263-9283, and we WILL take care of you! 

Kelseyville Fire Damage

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kelseyville Fire Damage This small device caused a huge fire in a home. These situations can happen to anyone.

Season change and more risks

We have good, sunny weather at the moment-however, more heat means more chances of a fire sparking. Along with the dry grass, vehicle emissions, and ocassional cigarettes being thrown from vehicles, fire will not only start more easily but they are more likely to spread.

Kelseyville fire damage doesn't happen too often, but our crew here in Lake County is ready to hit the road when/if it does happen. There are ways to deal with it instead of getting a large dumpster and taking out a huge loan to replace all your things. Homeowners insurance is important to have, and can help get you back on your feet while your home is being put back into shape!

Different things involved

Dealing with fire jobs isn't just about fire damage. More than likely, there is water damage as well. A water source or pipes may have been affected, and firefighters would have used water to put out the fire. There are also other areas, such as the overall foundation and structure, that are overlooked by other professionals who are solely focusing on the fire damage.

Our crews know how to handle personal property with care, tread lightly, and clean smoke damaged items without distorting them. Items are packed and taken from your home, and cleaned in a fresh, smoke-free facility. We can then pack everything back into your house after the job is done! If more construction is needed, you can store your belongings in our facility, and most insurance companies pay for this storage/pack out service!  

Storm damage in Lake County

5/10/2017 (Permalink)

Although we aren't experiencing a storm at the moment, we need to accept the fact that we live in California and may get a random storm tomorrow. 

The effects of El Nino

El Nino did hit us hard the past couple of winters, and we made sure to remain on standby with extra materials in case we were needed. We went out to a job this weekend that had extreme mold due to a leak from a recent storm. Sometimes, these mold findings aren't made visible for a long time. It's always what you don't see that causes the most damage.

Since November, we have been battling the water and fire damage, as well as creating estimate, conducting inspections, getting additional training, and working out conflicts with insurance companies.  Dedication is our middle name!

Water job details

The roof on this home had been caved and the floor was buckling due to the rain from the storm. SERVPRO technicians went to the home right away, and determined the home could be repaired to preloss condition. If the homeowner had waited any longer, the entire home may have been absolutely soaked! While repairing the home under this condition may not be impossible, other factors may have made repair difficult. The amount of water led to a small mold growth; we removed the mold, and applied an antimicrobial agent to prevent further growth. Part of the floor had to be removed, as seen in this photo. 

Mold cleaning in Kelseyville

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Kelseyville mold remediation

While SERVPRO of Lake County is able to clean up mold, we have to follow certain laws when health and safety hazards are involved. In the case of mold, SERVPRO cannot legally tell you whether you have mold, especially if the mold in question isn’t obvious. However, we can recommend you for indoor air quality testing and make sure you get proper care in getting as much of the hazard removed as possible.

Kelseyville mold cleanup procedures

Give us a call at 263-9283 and we will help you get squared away with mold cleanup, we have dealt with mold in Kelseyville after the flooding because homes just weren't getting dry enough. We first may need to perform an inspection. This information will give us a better idea of how to pursue the cleanup process in an effective, hazardless manner.

Hidden Valley Lake water damage repair

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Home repair in Lake County

Homes in Lake County are going to get the long end of the winter stick this year! El Nino is coming, and we are doing what we can to prepare. Although there isn't much we can do to prepare for wildfire, we can start preparation all year long for El Nino.

We proudly serve the Hidden Valley Lake area!

Hidden Valley Lake water damage repair services have always been available, but we want to make sure you have all the valuable information you need so you understand the process. Click here for details on our restoration and repair services for Hidden Valley Lake. We work with most insurance companies so they can complete documentation on their end that best serves their client. 

Middletown water loss repair

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Even the smallest problems can become the biggest catastrophes.

This Middletown water damage loss started small. There was a small leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. The next day, the ceiling was starting to cave, and water ran down the walls. Paint began to peel off the walls, insulation began to mold, and the bathroom wasn't usable. Just 24 hours after the first sign of water damage, all this chaos ensued. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County at the first sight of damage. We are locally owned and operated, professionally trained and up to date in the restoration industry, and IICRC Certified. We even help with insurance claims!

We can be contacted day or night for emergencies at 263-9283!

Storm damage in Middletown

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm damage in Middletown Imagine your entire ceiling bubbling like this one! What would you do?

Stormy weather for several weeks

The weather may seem to light up midday, but be prepared and expect the unexpected! Right now, we are sitting in a rainstorm that's filling our water reservoirs, according to news reports. However, we still have a ways to go all over California.

What does the storm mean for water damage?

Water damage typically becomes much more prominent during wet weather. Leaks become more noticeable, pipes and sewer lines and drains are more capable of being broken, and roofs become damaged due to the wind mixed with the rain. Lake County contractors are also kept busy with water damage.  They have to repair and rebuild homes after extensive water damage, typically water damage that affects the entire home to the point that safety is a concern.

Home repairs in Lakeport

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Home repair seems like such a daunting task. But, if a weed isn't cut down right away, it will grow and may be too tall to cut with just kitchen shears. Same goes for water and fire damage in your home.

What SERVPRO can handle

Lakeport home repairs have been available in Lake County for over 20 years. SERVPRO of Lake County can help repair the damage caused to your home due to a washer machine running for 12 hours, or a roof collapsing due to water sitting on it. We can even repair damage caused by mold and sewage. (You can only imagine what the mess looks like unless you've had to deal with it yourself. We've seen it many times, and it doesn't bother us to have to clean it up.)

What SERVPRO can't handle

SERVPRO can handle ANYTHING. We have had to deal with large losses, small losses, rural areas, and down the street last minute disasters. We are ready for anything. Our warehouses are always fully stocked and our vehicles and crew are ready to go at a moment's notice.

Do you have a question? Would you like to leave us a comment? Have you had our services previously? Give us a call; let us know what you need! 707-462-3848  

Water damage in Middletown!

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water damage in Middletown! Try having a great vacation when you arrive to this mess!

Vacation homes damaged by water in Middletown

We hear countless stories of vacation homes that have been damaged due to water, either from water mains, roof leaks, or pipe breaks. Often, these homes are left unattended for a long time and the damage has become extensive. This home experienced, water and sewage damage in the entire bathroom. SERVPRO of Lake County is available 24/7 to deal with these kinds of messes. We work with you when you're out of the area, we can help with insurance claims, and we can help protect and clean your contents. The memories may not be scrubbed away, but we can make the water damage look, "Like it never even happened."

Give us a call! 707-263-9283 

Storm damage in Lake County

4/20/2017 (Permalink)

Storms and flood damage are incredibly devastating

The storms this winter and spring have hit California so hard, the state has been declared finally out of a drought. Many homes and businesses were affected, insurance companies were kept busy, and families were displaced. Flood and storm damage in Lake County was especially difficult. Dealing with the issues at hand-no livable space, clothes, or food-and the financial issues is already a struggle. What do you do after the storm has passed? 

There are some simple bits of advice to keep in mind. The first is always keep safety in mind: are there any electrical hazards? Is the ceiling caved in? Are all our belongings wet? The second bit of advice: call SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County. We can even contact your insurance company for you because we work closely with all major companies, and understand how important getting all the details is to process a claim properly.

We are part of the community and here to help, always. Give us a call at 707-263-9283 to help you with your flood damage disaster. We are also available to service Mendocino County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here for you, and know how difficult being displaced due to a disaster can be. We want to make the damage disappear as soon as possible, "Like it never even happened."

Lakeport water damage

4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Lakeport water damage Always ready to go, all the time!

Flood zones

Flooding has occurred all over Lake County this winter. El Nino hasn't just affecting the Bay Area, but it has hit Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties. Although our agriculture and ecosystems rely on water and California has had one heavy drought, washing away our mountains and causing water damage to our homes isn't what our folks have in mind.

Lakeport water damage needs

Lakeport is one of the most populated cities in Lake County. All the businesses, resorts, homes, apartment buildings, and schools are at risk for flooding. Four years ago, SERVPRO of Lake County participated in the cleanup of Laytonville High School, which had completely flooded due to the break of a dam and heavy rains. The school was dry and clean in 28 days, just in time for school to start again. SERVPRO of Lake County is ready to go at it again, wherever help is needed. Lakeport water damage won't survive this season!

We've hired extra help, purchased new equipment, and still maintain in close contact with all major insurance companies to make sure you get the care you deserve when you face one of the worst winters in California!


Clearlake mold remediation services

3/29/2017 (Permalink)

Do you know what to do if you find mold in your home? The first thing to do, call SERVPRO! 707-263-9283

Clearlake mold remediation is essential to keep your home in a functional, healthy order. SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County can come on site to determine what is needed. Then, we can decide how to attack the mold.

Many questions will be answered during the mold removal process: where did the mold come from? How did it start growing? How much of our home was actually affected? What can insurance cover, if anything? SERVPRO is an expert on insurance coverage, and can help you communicate with your insurance company.

Let us help you help yourselves! When you give us a call, you're calling your local, neighboring, cleanup and restoration company. Our Franchise has been in the area for several years, locally owned and maintained. We understand your needs, and want to help you until the damage is gone. 707-263-9283 is our 24 hour contact number, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Mold removal in Nice

2/22/2017 (Permalink)

One does not simply remove mold. 

One also has to deal with mold spores, setting up containment, and dealing with negative air. The common homeowner is most likely not going to know these terms, unless they are with SERVPRO of Lake County. SERVPRO deals with mold losses on a regular basis. Mold often goes unnoticed for weeks, or people simply don't want to deal with it. IICRC Certified professionals know you don't want to deal with it, so we are trained to deal with it.

Nice mold removal

Pictured here is the mold you don't see, which can cause the most damage. The longer it sits, the longer it grows, and the more damage it fosters. Don't let this happen to you! The moment you have water damage, get it handled. Otherwise, you may end up with mold behind the wall, like in this scenario. Mold removal in Nice can be incredibly extensive, especially right now due to all the flooding and water damage. 

Don't try to take it on all by yourself; call the professionals!

Mold-always a foe, never a friend!

2/9/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let mold grow on you; it may be part of nature, but it shouldn't be a part of your wardrobe or living room.

We've seen mold so bad, we thought somebody wanted to keep it around for a while. Nonetheless, we always recommend getting it removed, remediated, squashed; however you want it done, it should be GONE. But, not every person or company has the ability to get mold gone the right way. 

How many ways are there to eradicate mold?

Depending on the situation, there could be many. If it's growing under your home, it's not a huge deal. However, if it continues to grow, it could come through cracks in the foundation, find its way into your home, and be even harder to rid. 

If you need help with eradicating mold, give us a call at 263-9283!


Geyserville Fire Damage

12/27/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Geyserville Fire Damage Did you know that smoke particles can stick to almost any surface?!

Home repair and building services after damage

Many homeowners look for a quick fix to put their home back together due to a storm, fire, or vehicle striking their home. However, if a structure isn't built correctly or is lacking an important element, more damage may occur and thousands of dollars that could've been saved are instead being taken out of a college fund.

SERVPRO's experience with building repair

Demolition work, water damage repair, fire damage repair, mold removal and cleanup, post construction cleanup, biohazard cleanup and removal, and contents cleaning are just a few of the services we provide. Your insurance agent would be impressed by our communications, documentation, and handling of all your personal belongings. We take pride in everything we do, and we know this attitude can make all the difference in your experience. 

Lake County Fire Damage

12/19/2016 (Permalink)

Lake County restoration starts with us!

SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County has been in the area for over 20 years. Recently transferred to new owners, we know what kind of chaos can follow with change. Sometimes change can be good and refreshing. However, Lake County fire damage is never either one of those things. What can be good and refreshing is the excellent customer service that follows.

What do you value in a fire damage restoration technician?

You would want a professional, intelligent, hard working, and educated team working on the inside and outside of your home to get it back to pre-fire condition. You would also want a team that has integrity, even when no one is watching. SERVPRO of Lake County is under the care of professionals that go by the book and communicate with you, as well as your insurance company, on the best route possible. That is the only way we will do business!

Clearlake Mold Removal and Remediation

12/19/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Clearlake Mold Removal and Remediation This mold started to grow due to a water heater mishap.

Mold removal requires special care, care SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County provides. 707-263-9283

Mold damage is devastating when it affects the things you care for the most: your memories. Thankfully, SERVPRO cares about your belongings and will work diligently to restore them as best as possible. SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County offers pack outs for your belongings so we can take care of the mold remediation process of your home. We are also capable of restoring electronics, documents, photographs, and can offer a complete contents claim inventory service for your insurance company. Whatever items can't be restored can be replaced for you, so you can get back to your daily life and its conveniences.

Clearlake mold removal and remediation services can be scheduled as early as possible, so we can get going on getting your life back on track.

Willits Basement Flooding

12/5/2016 (Permalink)

Do you have flood insurance in Willits?

Getting it right now, even though we haven't had much rain, isn't a bad idea. El Nino, the massive storm that is estimated to last about two months, is anticipated to be one of the strongest ever. Most home insurance policies don't automatically cover flood insurance, but only damage due to broken pipes or dishwasher mishaps, even toilet backups.

Expect home and basement floods this winter

Nobody wants to deal with flooding, whether you're a tenant or an owner. This home in Willits had flood damage, as well as water damage on the first floor that went down to the basement where many contents were stored. The contents were vastly affected, some sentimental, but we were able to save many items due to proper drying and cleanup techniques. Water can decompose many materials, including paper, cardboard, some fabrics, and will allow mold to grow in as little as 24 hours!

Why NOT get a restoration company?

Although the restoration industry has been around for 45 years, such as SERVPRO, many homeowners aren't aware of the industry's existence. There is no good reason to not hire people to make your life easier. Many homeowners have had to pay out of their pockets to get their property back to normal; but, what about the emotional heartache associated with a house fire? What about the lost work hours, important documents, and vacation time due to having to handle everything yourself?

Let SERVPRO of Mendocino County help minimize the effects of the frustrating experiences you've had! Trust us, we know what we are doing. We also know this situation may be awkward and difficult for you, so we welcome the questions. There is no such thing as too many questions. 

Kelseyville Home Repairs

10/12/2016 (Permalink)

Get professionals to your water damaged home right away, call SERVPRO of Lake County at 263-9283.

No one wants their home to turn into a money pit, and after a natural or man-made disaster, sometimes that's the outcome. However, getting professionals on site to help lessen the damage to your home can certainly affect the ultimate outcome. SERVPRO of Lake County professionals are known to perform an outstanding job on homes that have recently experienced fire and/or water damage. A home in Kelseyville needed repairs after suffering water damage due to a laundry room mishap (those darn washing machines!).

Last year, we cleaned up after laundry room water damage in Boonville. It happens more often than you think. Don't let it happen to you. Call SERVPRO right away at 263-9283 if your laundry room floods or your home needs water damage repairs. We'll get there right away!

Hidden Valley Lake Mold Cleaning

10/12/2016 (Permalink)

Get rid of dangerous amounts of mold fast by calling SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County, 707-263-9283.

Mold spores are microscopic and exist nearly everywhere we go. Removing it all from a home or business is impossible, but removing most of the dangerous spores can be done Mold remediation is quite a process. SERVPRO professionals inspect the situation, contain the mold so it doesn't spread, get an air filtration system started, remove mold infested items, clean mold infested items, and then restore the home.

This Hidden Valley Lake mold removal and remediation project completely restored the kitchen and dining room, which had a pipe break in the wall. 48 hours later, all the damage became visible and material removed from the walls. We know what we're doing when mold remediation is involved, and use all the updated technology and scientific standards to make sure we are doing it right! 

Lakeport Flood Damage Cleanup

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Water damage and laundry rooom flooding make for a quick call to SERVPRO, 263-9283!

Talk about a great start to your morning! A laundry room in Lakeport was flooded because the washer machine overflowed, and was left alone for several hours. SERVPRO came in and extracted several inches of water and started the cleaning process. 

Here are some tips you can use if you face a water cleanup situation:

  1. Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  2. Turn off circuit breakers for wet parts of the building, when access to the power distribution panel is safe from electrical shock.
  3. Shut off the source of water if possible or contact a qualified party to stop the water source.
  4. Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting.
  5. Be sure to not use any electrical appliances.
  6. Pick up books, newspapers, magazines or other colored items on wet carpets or floors. This can cause staining.
  7. Do not enter affected areas if electrical outlets, switches, circuit breakers or electrical equipment are exposed to water. Always avoid electrical shock hazards.


Fort Bragg Crime Scene Cleaners

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Types of crime scenes

Nobody, not even law enforcement, wants to deal with crime scene cleanup. It’s the worst kind of cleanup service we perform. There are so many emotions behind it, even if the victim isn’t deceased. We have been contacted on numerous occasions by the local agencies in Mendocino County about crime scene cleanup involving drugs, drug paraphernalia, blood, and bodily fluids.

Our experience with Fort Bragg

We have worked as Fort Bragg crime scene cleaners for years.  However, many people think we are not local because we are part of a franchise. We are in fact local, as well as independently owned and operated. We are also IICRC Certified and work with most major insurance companies. Even if you don’t have insurance, we can work with you on a payment plan status and give you the best price for high quality work. This is the kind of work you need so you don’t end up paying too much due to errors. 

We are frequent coastal visitors, dealing with infestations and water damage mostly. We have also handled apartment complex fires, vandalism, and mold due to the humidity that’s very much active on the coast. If you believe you have a project for us and need some advice or information, give us a call!

Cloverdale Biohazard Remediation

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Most common biohazard remediation requests

The types of biohazard jobs where we get the most requests for clean up include: bodily fluids and waste, blood pathogens, homicide/suicide scene, sewage backup, accident scenes, and animal remains. 

What other kind of biohazards can we clean up?

Well, believe it or not, meth labs are given to us when they blow!  It's dangerous stuff, and illegal-for many reasons. We can also deal with homes where hoarders or squatters lived, tear gas clean up, chemical clean up, and anything else that you wouldn't want to touch without PPE (personal protective equipment)

We can perform any type of Cloverdale biohazard remediation, and perform it safely. 

Many people are at a loss of who to contact; 537-6635 is our direct number and we are available 24/7 for anything that happens.

Boonville Sewage Cleanup

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

How many cleanup companies are available to go over the mountains to beautiful Boonville? Not many. In fact, we don't think there are any companies directly in the area. In a small, quaint town, there may not be a huge need for a restoration company. However, Murphy's Law states that anything that can happen, will happen. Sewage damage is no exception! So, what do you do when you live in a small down that doesn't have a restoration company down the street? YOU CALL SERVPRO.

1. We are literally around the corner

In about 1 hour average, we can get our crew to your home. Usually, Boonville sewage cleanup is covered by insurance companies, especially if the damage is caused by someone else's home or city officials. This type of mishap happens often! Usually, sewage backups are accidents and they're always considered a biohazard. Be sure to check with your insurance company on the specifics of biohazard or sewage damage.

2. We can clean up any level of toxicity

Unless there's a public safety crisis and we have to get the CDC involved, we've never had any issues or had to say no to certain biohazard situations. Not only have we handled sewage jobs; we have also handled meth lab fires, heroin needles, rat infestations, hospital sanitization, dead animals (the most interesting one we've done involved snakes that died due to a power outage in their cages).

Whatever you think we can't handle, we have probably already done. Give us a call with your latest challenge! 707-462-3848 is the call for your direct, 24/7 emergency service company!

Boonville Biohazard Cleanup

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Any biohazard should be obvious to not handle yourself, but some people aren't aware of SERVPRO's skills. Not only are we capable to cleaning up fire, water, and mold damage, but we can also deal with most biohazards-unless the health department gets involved!

Sewage damage in Mendocino County

This is one of our most common biohazards, usually caused by backups in septic systems. Boonville biohazard cleanup has never been a challenge for us because we deal with this type of cleanup all the time! It's unfortunate, but it happens. Usually, the damage is on the inside of the home. Even accidents from animals can be considered a biohazard. We once dealt with an abandoned home that had animals residing in it for two weeks! (The animals were okay, but the house was not!)

Drugs and their dangers

We know: drugs are bad to consume. But what about cleaning them up? We've received calls about meth lab explosions and needles on playgrounds, and recently we did a major cleanup job from a former marijuana farm house. Wearing masks and gloves during these processes is incredibly important because of the harm certain drugs can cause if they're injested.

Don't risk it, let us deal with it! We are here to help.  

Willits Commercial Cleaning

10/11/2016 (Permalink)

Running a business is a lot of hard work, with licensing, getting your products, paying employees, dealing with customer complaints, the trends and fads of the market, and all the paperwork! The LAST thing you need is to worry about fire, water, mold, or biohazards affecting the way you run things. You have a family to support, and customers to serve.

Services for commercial jobs

We offer the same services for commercial businesses as we do for residential. Willits commercial cleaning is no exception. We offer carpet cleaning, biohazard removal, vandalism repair, dry outs, contents cleaning, upholstery repair, and ozone cleaning. If a new situation presents itself, we find new ways to assist or get trained in new techniques. We are universal with cleanup and restoration, and will add more to our plate if it means we can serve our community.

If you're not sure about a service we can provide, give us a call. Even if we aren't able to assist, we can refer you to someone who can. We want to be helpful in every way possible! 

Windsor Storm Damage

10/10/2016 (Permalink)

We've already received calls about wind and storm damage to some roofs. Check your homeowners insurance policy! Some homeowner’s insurance policies don't cover storm damage. Doing everything possible to prevent water damage during storm season is recommended. Inconveniences and frustrations tend to accompany stom damage.  Insurance companies also have to perform their own investigations to determine the cause of the loss, and whether it will be covered by the current insurance policy.

SERVPRO's storm damage cleanup services

Windsor storm damage can be handled by our team of professionals. We have the capabilities of getting many pieces of equipment, as well as coordinating with other Franchises, to get any job done. Storm damage always keeps us busy during November, December, and January. We make sure to have extra staff ready to go!

Ukiah home repair

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We handle home and building repairs 24/7, give us a call at 462-3848.

Nobody wants to mess with mold, and often many people don't get it handled. Mold cleanup in Ukiah was needed recently. The services took 3 weeks, but was well worth it in the end. Proper containment prevented mold spores from spreading, and our technicians always wore suits so they wouldn't spread or inhale the spores. The safety of our technicians is very important to us

Thorough and complete cleanup and restoration

Spraying bleach or painting over mold isn't going to keep it from coming back. We explore all of the options before starting, and we make sure we are properly prepared before we commit. We go over the entire plan before starting, and deal with any issues that arise. 

Golf Tournament in Hidden Valley Lake!

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

Our golf tournament in Hidden Valley Lake on September 17th was spectacular! It was the best one we’ve had. We had more players, more prizes, and more compliments than ever!

We put on these golf tournaments as a thank you to the insurance agents, fire departments and property managers who give us work after their clients have a fire, water, or mold damage loss. We work really closely with our clients and the companies that refer them to us so we can sincerely thank them. Most of our clients just love golfing all over Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma County. This was the first year we hosted the tournament in Hidden Valley Lake, and the staff did a phenomenal job of setting up the food and golf course.

We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Our CE class in Sonoma County

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

Community Our CE class in Sonoma County We are happy to teach and pass down our knowledge of fire, water, and mold damage and mitigation!

We had our first Continuing Education class in our new office conference room, and it was a huge success! We provided the insurance agents with lots of valuable information about how to assist their clients when they have a loss, and the importance of responding right away to fire or water damage. (Wine was provided after the course, just to clarify!)

Insurance agents value their time and money, and we are glad to provide them with a free class so they can earn their credits for licensing. We teach classes on fire damage, mitigation awareness, ethics, and understanding mold. Having a reliable, knowledgeable insurance agent can make the customer's experience so much smoother. 

Class procedures can be audited by the State, so we make sure to go by the rule book involving paperwork, class content, and our methods of teaching. We have several credentialed instructors ready to TEACH!

Lower Lake Fire Department Open House

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

Community Lower Lake Fire Department Open House We love bringing this bounce house to every event we can!

The Lower Lake Fire Department open house was a big ball of fun, and we got to set up our bounce house! Coming soon to an event near you (we will make sure of it!); be sure to support your local fire departments. This summer has been another difficult one for California, and our firefighters work day and night for our safety.

We support our fire departments as much as possible! Whether they have a special meeting, event, promotion, or just need some bottled waters during the summer months, we want to provide for them because they provide so much for us. We also promote fire safety year round, and give annual donations to as many fire departments as possible in all three of our territories.


Fire Safety Expo in Ukiah

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

Community Fire Safety Expo in Ukiah Our very first bounce house!

We are really thrilled to have the Fire Safety Expo happening in Ukiah on the 8th of October! The local fire departments and police departments will be participating: CAL FIRE, Ukiah Police Department, Ukiah Valley Fire, and many others will be having contests, putting on safety demonstrations, and providing food. SERVPRO of Lake County will have a bounce house available for the kids as well!

We have participated in almost every Fire Safety Expo since we opened for business in 2010. We believe that preparation goes a long way, and we are happy to donate our time to this wonderful cause. The event will take place in the Pear Tree Center in Ukiah from 10 AM to 2 PM. We hope to see you there! Be sure to dress for the weather; be prepared for anything!

Cloverdale Home Repair

10/7/2016 (Permalink)

We are used to dealing with fire and water damage, so what may take months for a repairman or homeowners to tackle will take us just a few weeks, depending on the size of the loss. 

Cloverdale home repair is no news to us; just check out these before and after photos!

Besides, doing the work yourself may end up costing you more money. Since you already have enough to deal with, leave it to us. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Sonoma County NE.

Water damage repair during El Nino

Believe it or not, we have gotten a lot of calls about water damage in Cloverdale, Healdsburg, and the surrounding areas. Leaky roofs are the first thing you notice because you feel those huge drops on your head, or you come home and the ceiling is on your floor. Even just watching the ceiling fall as you're on the phone with the insurance company is enough to give you a stroke. 

Even when El Nino is over, we won't be!

Our year round services

Wildfires kept us busy this last year, as well as frozen pipes. We try to remind everyone about fire safety and getting pipes insulated, as well as checking smoke alarms so they work year round. But, sometimes these things get forgotten with everything else going on in our lives.


Wildfires in Lake County

8/15/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Wildfires in Lake County This wildfire started in Lower Lake on August 12th, 2016, almost 11 months after the Valley Fire destroyed Cobb, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake.

Clayton Fire in Lower Lake

We are anxious, yet prepared, as we deal with yet another California wildfire. Again, it's in our heartland, Lower Lake in Lake County, California. We don't know how this fire started, but we are prepared because we have the best team. We have gathered together some of our best technicians already putting together equipment and assembling clean up teams. We have even heard of organizations already gathering donations of clothing, food, and toiletries for those affected by the Clayton Fire. 

We have dealt with similar situations with Santa Rosa emergency fire cleanup. From talking with insurance to debris removal to dealing with asbestos through a third party, we can help you through the whole process from debris removal to rebuild. 

Lower Lake Fire Damage

8/12/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Lower Lake Fire Damage This house fire happened due to a small wildfire in front of the home. The wind blew fire on different parts of the roof, causing sporadic damage.

Recent fires in Lake County

We thought the damage from the Valley Fire would hold us off for a while, but Mother Nature had other plans. We have recently had wildfires happen in Lake County, as well as a home that was completely burned. We do know that this is an absolutely shocking experience, and want to do what we can to help. This help can include removing the debris of a fire as soon as possible so not only can the memory of the disaster start to cease, but rebuilding can occur much quicker. We have had jobs similar when Santa Rosa fire damage cleanup is needed. 

Ways to prevent fires

There are ways even YOU can prevent wildfires (think of Smokey the Bear); everyone can pitch in to protect their individual homes. The more homes that are protected, the less chances that fire can travel. One thing that can be done is ridding your home of weeds, debris, and dead brush. Another thing that can be done is making sure your home is up to code with electrical wiring and outside appliances. 

Clearlake Mildew Removal

6/14/2016 (Permalink)

Mildew is another branch of mold, and just as annoying and frustrating to rid when you don't know what you're doing. There are some home remedies that can be found on Google; however, there are also stories that can be found about families who didn't get mildew removed ASAP the correct way, and the catastrophes that followed. Clearlake mildew removal is something we've done for a while. 

What happens when professional help isn't sought

Even if you get whatever is growing on the surface of walls, carpets, window sills, furniture, and even clothes-what about the stuff you can't see? There could be mold or mildew underneath the floor, behind a wall, or the source of the issue hasn't been fixed or found. Will the mildew keep growing back? Don't let mildew cleanup keep you going in a circular direction of frustration and increasing expenses!

Eliminate vs. Restore

In reality, there is a huge difference between elimination and restoration. To eliminate something means to rid of it, to the point of keeping it at bay. Restoration means to attempt to keep the mildew away for good. *Remain cautious: a little bit of mildew or mold is always capable of coming back because of other factors and circumstances. However, there are techniques SERVPRO of Lake County uses to prevent the growth of mildew or mold so you won't have those issues anymore. 

Lake County Fire Restoration

6/1/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Lake County Fire Restoration Some of our crew are pictured here working on the hallway, where there is smoke and fire damage.

Definition of restoration

To restore something is to make it like it was before it was damaged. We believe in restoration before merely replacing it with a new item. Buying all new items will cost you and/or your insurance company more money. Insurance companies do what they can do by law to save money on every single claim. 

Fire losses in Lake County

We don't want to anticipate a lot of fire losses like we had last year. But, we know anything is possible when we have an incredibly dry heat and long, dry grasses. Mowing in the middle of the day is incredibly dangerous; we tell people to mow their lawns early in the morning or later in the evening. Lake County fire restoration is right up our alley, and has been for a long time. 

Middletown Water Damage Repair

5/31/2016 (Permalink)

Middletown water damage losses

We've had a bunch of water losses lately due to families being gone on vacation and not realizing pipes broke, to accidental backups of toilets, and roof leaks. These things happen, and our industry doesn't have a lot of history because restoration work is still a developing science. 

This morning's water damage phone call in Middletown

We received a call today about water damage in a home that had been going on for a week. The homeowners had a new dishwasher installed; however, the dishwasher's draining system wasn't aligned properly and they ended up with squishy carpet and water in their living room! We highly recommend not waiting to call when you have Middletown water damage repair that needs to be completed. We are on our way to the home to get it dried and pull the carpet so mold growth doesn't occur! 

Clearlake Flooded Basement

5/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Clearlake Flooded Basement Pictured here is a pipe taking out water from a flooded basement in Lake County.

The shock of water damage

Even if you look over every inch of your home on a weekly basis for water damage, one of those days it's going to hit you like a ton of bricks. You're going to come home from your kid's soccer practice or a big weeklong convention to a flood in your living room. You're going to call a plumber, because we associate water with pipes and pipes with plumbers. That's just the way we operate. But, many people don't realize that plumbers only know the ins and outs of plumbing and water systems. They don't know what to do if water comes out of the pipes and forms a pool around your ankles. 

To who can you turn for help?

SERVPRO is able to help in water damage situations. A Clearlake flooded basement is nothing strange to us. We would hope it would be strange to you, but that you would know who to call. A lot of people aren't aware of our company and our services. We aren't a fast food joint, a clothing store, a management company, or government entity. We don't have a store where you can browse whether you want fire damage cleanup or emergency water extraction. But, as soon as you need something, we can help right away. That's a guarantee! 

Clearlake Home Repairs

5/25/2016 (Permalink)

Building Services Clearlake Home Repairs At first glance, you may not recognize this as sewage, but this is as raw as it can get and it can be dangerous.

There's a lot of knowledge SERVPRO technicians have acquired over the years because of the extensive list of jobs we've completed. We have come across challenges, but always found ways to improvise that don't compromise your safety or the integrity of your home. 

Challenge #1: Crawling in small spaces

Although this job can get dirty, sometimes it can get incredibly, downright nasty. This is why we don't want you to have to do it ourselves. We would rather have your insurance company pay for a service that could get really gross than you potentially putting yourself in harm's way of a crawlspace. Sometimes, this is what Clearlake home repairs require. There are situations where the crawlspace may not be safe, such as mold or black water intrusion, or even flood waters. A lot of people don't realize flood waters can be dangerous. They can carry contaminants from other surrounding areas that contain chemicals, feces, and bacteria. 

Challenge #2: Sewage backups

This kind of a loss sounds like it would be a pretty easy cleanup, but it really isn't due to the post cleanup health requirements. Not only is SERVPRO being held responsible, per contract and agreement, for getting sewage removed and the area(s) sanitized, but we are responsible for making sure your home passes a post cleanup inspection and testing. All that work we do is pointless if your home isn't back to preloss (as in, no bacterial growth) condition. We get really excited when we pass clearance tests! Not to say that we don't, but we always pride ourselves in doing a job well. 

Middletown Biohazard Cleanup

5/19/2016 (Permalink)

Biohazard left behind

Even after a fire or flood has basically gone away, there are often remnants left behind that can be toxic. We always tell citizens to never walk directly through flooded waters, no matter how shallow, due to possible sewage contamination or other chemicals and rotten materials (even animals) that have been carried by the water's currents.

Fires need to be treated in the same way; the air, even after a fire has been extinguished, can be toxic or have altered the chemistry of any chemicals or materials that had burned. Inhaling smoke from garbage that has burned, for example, can contain dozens of toxins. Middletown biohazard cleanup has had to pass so many clearances due to the potential dangers from the Valley Fire.

"Smoke can contain many different chemicals, including aldehydes, acid gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), benzene, toluene, styrene, metals and dioxins. The type and amount of particles and chemicals in smoke varies depending on what is burning, how much oxygen is available, and the burn temperature." New York Dept. of Health website)

Clear Lake Home Repair

4/8/2016 (Permalink)

The homes affected by the Valley Fire are still in the process of being rebuilt. Whether they’re 100% gone or have smoke/fire damage, SERVPRO can assist in dealing with overall home repairs. Clear Lake home repair has been consistently part of our business. We don’t just appear when there is a major community wide disaster; we are there for the little things as well.

What’s little to them isn’t little to you

Depending on your living status-whether you live alone, have a family, or have a disability-the situation you experience with fire or water damage can be incredibly overwhelming and take up a huge chunk of your time. Whether or not it’s self-pay or run through insurance can make a difference. The severity of the situation, or how long the problem has lasted, will also make a difference in the intensity. We can help with all of that, based on your needs. We pride ourselves on being compassionate, such as with the job listed here.

Clear Lake water loss

A family had been on vacation for a week; when they came home, they found soaked carpet and hardwood floor in the kitchen and living room. The family had started the last load of dishes before they left for their trip. However, the brand new dishwasher hadn’t been installed properly, which left a flooded mess that warped the floor and created a moist, mildew like smell. As soon as the family entered the home, they were able to notice it. Homeowner’s insurance weren’t going to cover for the damages. However, the company that installed the dishwasher gladly took care of the cost. We also helped the family by setting up a payment plan with the company so everyone was happy.

We have already seen what a little, and what a lot, of water damage can do to a home. We want to make things easier for you, so we come up with a unique solution for you. Don’t hesitate to call because you’re worried we can’t do the job; we’ve been in the restoration business for many collective years, and know how to put our heads together to create a strong team!

Lakeport Water Damage Restoration

2/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water damage calls have flooded our phone lines this season, that's for sure! The rainy season is technically never over. We have had instances of rain in the summer, or early fall. There's always a chance, but there are things you can do to minimize water damage.

Lakeport water damage restoration tips

Here are some helpful Lakeport water damage restoration tips!  We also recommend getting into contact with your insurance company, even if you don't believe the damage will be covered. You never know what could happen, and a phone call doesn't cost you a dime.

Not making a phone call could cost you more than a dime.

The risks of not handling water damage right away

You risk a lot with your home if you don't take care of water damage right away. You may get mold, rot, erosion of the structure, bacteria buildup, and even a lawsuit if you're renting out the home. Animals could start getting into your home due to any erosion, thus creating more hazards. Animal feces are no joke, and they are gross. Not only are they gross, but the feces from rodents can carry diseases that are easily transferable to animals including toxoplasmosis, hantavirus, and E coli, to name a few. 

Kelseyville Home Repair

2/12/2016 (Permalink)

Building Services Kelseyville Home Repair Even new appliances can be faulty, like this water heater!

Different kinds of home repairs

There are lots of contractors that can fix a hole in the ceiling, or add an additional room to your house. They can even replace the floors, knock out walls to build more space, and even build you a fireplace. But, there are some home repairs that should be handled by IICRC certified specialists. Those types of repairs include fire, water, and mold damage.

Fire, water, and mold damage can be repaired?

A lot of people are actually shocked to know repair work can be done surrounding these types of issues. There's no sense in ripping out everything if it isn't necessary. That kind of work will cost you a lot of money, effort, and in the end, a headache. 

Clearlake Mold Cleaning

2/2/2016 (Permalink)

Even 15 minutes of cleaning up mold leads to a huge headache, watering of the eyes, dizziness, and depending on how you do it, can lead to the spreading of mold spores. This means that after you clean up the first mold area you found, pretty soon you will have a second area to clean.

Here are some common tips we give to our callers who inquire about Clearlake mold cleaning:


We cannot stress this tip enough! You'll get it on your clothes and hands, and your clothes and hands go to other parts ofyour house. This means that the mold will follow. 

Have containment set up to secure the molded area

Taping off an area to make sure mold doesn't leave is essential. There's nothing worse than sweeping your floor, only to have your dog or two year old walk right through it as soon as your're done. A containment area contains mold spores so the spreading of them is incredibly minimal. Air vents, doors, and heating/cooling equipment must also be sealed, as well as windows and any draft areas. 

HEPA vacuums and uses of other equipment

There are specific techniques and types of equipment that are used to clean mold, as well as dry a wet area, to ensure that it doesn't grow back. While some mold is not dangerous (we live and breathe it wherever we go-its a natural, organic organism), you never know when you're going to encounter toxic mold. 

Do you think you can handle all this on your own? Don't fret, you don't have to do it all on your own.

SERVPRO of Lake County is trained specifically to deal with mold. We have IICRC certified technicians, and our newest employees become certified right away with classes and on the job experience. 

Clearlake Oaks smoke damage restoration

12/31/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Clearlake Oaks smoke damage restoration A job like this would take a few months. However, due to our excellent crew, and swift action, a few weeks was all that was needed!

Smoke damage restoration needs

Due to problems with malfunctioning appliance, fireplace mishaps, or even lightning strikes, fire damage has become more prominent in our area. This summer, we experienced the most devastating wildfire ever to hit Lake County, and the third worse fire in California. Due to SERVPRO of Lake County's efforts, we have been able to get residents back in their restored, cleaned homes.

Wildfire circumstances

The areas affected by the Valley Fire included Cobb, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake. Clearlake Oaks smoke damage restoration services are also available. We service all of Mendocino County, not just those overwhelmed with wildfires. We have been around for years, but the Valley Fire allowed us to really show off our skills! We worked incredibly hard, for weeks with no breaks, so we could help everyone that was affected. We also brought on new technicians, temporary workers, and got ourselves organized as best as possible due to the circumstances. 

This is the level of our dedication to our business, as well as your comfort after such a devastation. 

Cobb Smoke Damage Restoration

11/12/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cobb Smoke Damage Restoration We've taken care of many homes in the Cobb area, such as this one, that were suddenly affected by wildfire smoke damage.

Even after a fire, whether wild or home, is put out, damage can still accrue fast. Soot residue can cause permanent damage, as well as leave behind an odor. A yellow tint will stay on your furniture, walls, and fabrics if those items aren't treated properly. What should you do?

1. Get a smoke damage cleanup crew from SERVPRO

We have performed Cobb smoke damage restoration services a lot this season, especially due to the Valley Fire. In order to help as many people as possible, we brought in other experts, who are also IICRC certified, to assist. There are many levels to the smoke damage cleanup process that homeowners don't realize because this process isn't a daily ritual for them. For us, we can go in and really make a place shine within a few visits. Here is a home that was affected from the Valley Fire.

2. We can educate you on the process

There is a lot of paperwork, many phone calls, and homeowners usually have lots of questions. THIS IS OKAY. We welcome the questions, we understand the challenges, and the past several years of our business has demonstrated our growing capacity for knowledge in this industry. We also know mistakes can occur, and we do everything to make sure you and your home are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. You and your family have already been through enough and our goal is to make things easier. 

Hidden Valley Lake Fire Damage

10/30/2015 (Permalink)

Fire damage services are available

Many people wonder who is able to provide services when fire damage in Hidden Valley Lake happens. Does the fire department help? What about the health department? Do you have to get an out of town company for assistance? Do you have to deal with this work, damage, and difficult time on your own?

No need to worry, SERVPRO is a national franchise and has a local franchise right here in Lake County!

For those who have lost everything, there is hope

What do you say to someone who has lost everything? Coming up with words can be difficult. However, SERVPRO understands that losing everything, or losing a lot, is a huge trial to overcome. This fact is why we strive to preserve and restore as many belongings as possible. We also work directly with insurance companies to get the best possible outcome for the insured. We have construction, restoration, cleaning, plumbing, painting, and IICRC backgrounds so homes can be put back to normal, and eventually lives! We want to do as much as possible for those who have lost so much.

Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to help!

Middletown Fire Restoration

10/27/2015 (Permalink)


Six weeks ago, the largest Lake County disaster began. What seemed like a simple (in relation to larger) wildfire turned into a major disaster and required quick thinking and gathering of families and belongings. As dramatic as this turn of events became, no one expected a disaster quite as big as the Valley Fire.

However, as a community we have learned that there is a lot of love to give. Time, efforts, supplies, and money has been given to the people of Lake County, specifically Middletown, Cobb, and Hidden Valley. These towns were the most affected, and are being rebuilt as we speak.

Middletown fire restoration projects have been started and completed, and they will be continuing for a while. SERVPRO of Lake County has been prepared since the moment we learned about the fire. We had no idea so many people would be displaced, but we organized our people and efforts, and got to work with a camp style set up in Hidden Valley. For anyone who needs our cleanup and restoration services, has questions, or needs help filing an insurance claim, we are here to help. We've assisted countless homes over the years, including this fire damage in Middletown earlier this year. We are here to help, until the very end, and beyond!

Cobb Fire Damage Restoration

10/22/2015 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cobb Fire Damage Restoration Do you really want to deal with this all over your home? Let SERVPRO do it, we come with a team that's fully equipped!

Valley Fire has left behind smoke and fire damaged homes

While the Valley Fire destroyed over a thousand homes, there are many homes still standing that have heavy smoke and fire damage. Most homeowner’s policies have covered a lot of Cobb homes that have smoke and soot residue, fire damage cleanup needs, or even water damage. Bubbling paint, melting effects on the structure of your home, smoke odor in the furniture, and the foundation of your home could be weakened. With more humidity and smoke damage, corrosive effects can start to take place

Insurance companies will need full details

Insurance companies need full reports of what caused the damage, what needs to be repaired, pictures, and an estimate of the cost of work. SERVPRO of Lake County can provide all this information by giving the homeowner the scope of work needed. We are thorough and precise, careful to evaluate every room and every square inch of your home. We took care of this Middletown fire damage a few weeks ago from the Valley Fire. Cobb fire damage restoration, especially during this emotional time that has affected entire communities, shouldn't be done on your own. Let the insurance company pay for it, and let SERVPRO of Lake County get you back into your home, like the damage never even happened.

Lower Lake Mold Removal

10/16/2015 (Permalink)

We are entering the colder, rainier season! With El Nino wanting to pass through all over California, SERVPRO of Lake County is on the watch for any mold damage issues due to extra moisture.

Why is moisture bad?

Moisture can lead to mold growth, which may cause health effects. Moisture can be in the window sills, an unventilated bathroom, a storage space, or even just continuously present in your home due to poor insulation or heat circulation. This Geyserville home had mold underneath the wallpaper by the windows!

What is needed for mold to grow?

Mold spores, a food source (anything organic), a cool temperature, and water are all that's needed to start mold growth in as little as two days. SERVPRO's job is to get the area dry, prevent mold growth from reoccurring by removing mold rot, recommending construction work if needed, and disinfecting. 

Bottom Line: Don't mess with mold!

Mold is way too complex to simply clean with bleach. Plus, you may see it on the surface. But, what about the mold you don't see? Get an expert right away, and treat mold as a serious issue. Don't mess with mold, or it may mess with you. Call SERVPRO today at 263-9283. We will show mold who is in charge! "Like it never even happened!"

Valley Fire Damage Cleanup

9/22/2015 (Permalink)

Valley Fire Damage Devastation

The Valley Fire - which has consumed Middletown, Cobb, and Hidden Valley Lake - is finally 3/4 contained. The fire has spread throughout south Lake County, Napa County, and Sonoma County. Evacuation centers and food distribution centers have been organized to help the victims in need. Almost 1300 homes have been affected or destroyed, in less than 10 days.

We are bigger than this fire

SERVPRO of Lake County is bigger than this fire! At this moment, we have dozens of workers in Lakeport getting organized and ready to go so we can start assisting those who have been allowed back to their homes. We provide fire damage restoration, smoke damage cleanup, water damage cleanup, and mold cleanup as well. Although we've never assisted with a fire of this magnitude, we have had large loss jobs that affected entire communities. We are in the works with other SERVPRO franchises as well so we can assist everyone as soon as possible.

Any insurance questions, or need of general advice?

If you are concerned whether to file a claim, or need help speaking with your insurance company, please let us know. We deal with insurance companies on a regular basis, not just during a devastating time like this. Our community has never had devastation of this size, but we have always been prepared for it. The strength of our community will survive this loss. 

Give us a call at 263-9283 for help with Valley Fire damage and cleanup services; we are here to help. 

Cobb Fire Restoration

9/15/2015 (Permalink)

Valley Fire devastation to surrounding areas and residences

A fire now known as the Valley Fire started on 9/12/15, and is the most devastating fire to ever hit Lake County. Homes, businesses, and schools in Cobb, Middletown, and Hidden Valley Lake have been completely destroyed. Thankfully, the team here at SERVPRO has already been ready to go due to the need for restoration work. Plus, the community has been working day and night to provide emergency shelter, food, hot showers, and supplies so families can get back on their feet.

Our restoration services

Cobb fire restoration services are available as soon as families are able to get back to homes that haven't been completely taken. Contact your insurance right away so you can begin a claim. We have already started the process of working with those who have insurance claims. We have techniques to clean smoke damaged homes, whether the damage is heavy or light. Even for homes that have burned, some restoration work can be accomplished.

Give us a call if you need help getting your home restored, 707-263-9283

Hidden Valley Lake Fire Damage

9/15/2015 (Permalink)

The Valley Fire- 9/13/2015

      We live here too and we want to help. We're making our team of fire damage experts available at no charge if you or someone you know needs advice after experiencing damage to your home from the Valley Fire.

      As a fellow resident of Lake County, the owner is making sure we are readily available. We know this experience has been unbelievably emotional and difficult. Homes are lots, pets are displaced, and the fire spread very quickly. However, we have had an amazing community that's gathered about as quickly as this fire. There is nothing we can't help provide for you. We will be here as soon as the fire is out, which our firefighting crews are working long hours to make happen.

 Please don't hesitate to call if you need help - 263-9283.

Clearlake Mold Remediation and Removal

3/17/2015 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Clearlake Mold Remediation and Removal Mold in this kitchen was caused by a broken pipe in the wall. The damage went unnoticed for several days.

A little mold can cause some big issues- 263-9283 is the answer to all your mold removal inquiries!

Clearlake mold remediation and removal specialsist are hard to come by. Mold removal isn't an easy task to accomplish. There is a lot more involved than spraying and scraping away the nasty growth that causes breathing problems, headaches, upper respiratory problems, and allergies. Anyone can instantly display these symptoms after contact with mold or mildew. Mold removal also requires digging deeper into what caused the mold, fixing the problem, and preventing the growth from coming back. In the photo below, a pipe broke in the wall of the kitchen. This job at first wasn't covered by insurance, but due to our investigation and notes, we were able to help the homeowner run the job through insurance! We know it's difficult to talk with them; we understand how they think and work, so we don't mind it at all. 


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