Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom disaster and dryout

We encounter this type of loss quite frequently! In this home, a pipe had burst TWICE in two different locations, and the water line in the bathroom had been le... READ MORE

All this from a broken pipe?!

Yep, allllll this damage was caused by a broken pipe in the wall of the kitchen. Most of the damage was isolated to the kitchen, but it was a challenging job be... READ MORE

Removal of water damaged sheetrock

We take careful measurements of how much moisture is present in materials before we start cutting away at the walls, or deciding what is unsalvageable. In these... READ MORE

Healdsburg water damage

This home in Healdsburg had insulation that was full of water, and the water just came running once we cut into the ceiling! But, as you can see, we are running... READ MORE

Water Damage in Santa Rosa

This flooring, as well as the kitchen and living room, were affected by a laundry room mishap. In other parts of the house, it was warped and starting to peel a... READ MORE

Flooded Downstairs Room in Boonville, CA

This home in Boonville, CA flooded due to a burst pipe in the wall of the storage space. The home had just been finished with remodeling, and the situation was ... READ MORE