Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

The biggest journeys start with a single step!

Yes, so cheesy, but it's so true! While mold and water damage may seem like a such ordeal, thinking about taking on the job one step at a time is how we tame th... READ MORE

Kitchen damage from a broken pipe

We always recommend keeping up to date on piping in your home. If you happen to know of a recall, be sure to get it taken care of right away so you don't have a... READ MORE

Mold damage in bathroom

This kind of damage can happen with or without carpet, but we definitely don't recommend having carpet in bathrooms because of the high chances of water damage ... READ MORE

Crawlspace cleanup-the real dirty work!

There are many places in your home where mold can grow. Many people may think that mold growth in the crawlspace isn't a huge deal because it's not inside where... READ MORE

How does it get THIS far?

A lot of people may be shocked, but mold can grow this fast and damage this much in just a few days. If you're away from your home or business, or don't have an... READ MORE

Office mold in Healdsburg

Having an office full of mold has GOT to be a drag. Do you know who you would contact in the case of extreme mold, such as the mold in this photo? Do you know w... READ MORE