Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Work at the Kelseyville Church

We had a project that we estimated would take longer than we thought. But, it only took us 4 days! That has to be some sort of record! With the kind of damage t... READ MORE

Cleanup at Anytime Fitness

This job pictured here is proof that some of the biggest jobs happen at 2 AM! We received a call about a local gym flooding due to a water fountain line burstin... READ MORE

Gross but necessary cleanup work!

We came across a business that had an infestation all throughout it, and the occupants had been dealing with issues for months. We dealt with the cleanup and sa... READ MORE

Smoke damage from a large fire

Smoke damage may not be as easy to clean up as other jobs. If the fire was incredibly hot or spread to other parts of the building, then we are dealing with mor... READ MORE

What you don't see!

We had a case of some minor water and mold damage behind a hallway wall. The process took about a week, but once we took a look, the process was easy for our ex... READ MORE

Fire loss in Lakeport

The entire building looked like these stairs; completely torn apart. But only for a little bit, because SERVPRO was right down the road! We got the home back in... READ MORE