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Middletown, CA Water Damage Repair

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Middletown, CA Water Damage Repair Imagine your plumber trying to take care of this water damage mess!

Need water damage repairs completed? Look no further than SERVPRO of Lake County, proudly serving the local area for over 7 years! 707-263-9283

While any plumber can assist a homeowner due to a leak issue, many plumbing companies will not take on the responsibility or liability of water damage. Water damage isn't everyone's expertise because it's a science that SERVPRO professionals understand. There's more involved than opening doors and hoping most of the area dries. Middletown water damage repair is often needed due to broken or leaking pipes. While the leak may be stopped, there is most likely unseen water that causes the most damage. 
Let us help you before water damage becomes too costly, call SERVPRO of Lake County at 707-263-9283. We are available whenever water damage strikes, always!

Mold Damage Restoration in Middletown

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Lake County when you first notice mold growth in your home or business, 707-263-9283

Over the weekend, we received a call from a business owner for mold damage in Middletown, CA. His shop had a serious mold problem due to lack of ventilation, especially in the closets. We came in and began mold removal immediately. We removed the entire mold in a timely manner and he was able to reopen his shop without missing any business days.
This detail is very crucial for business owners, whose business is their livelihood. No one wants or needs a disruption. Call SERVPRO of Lake County today at 707-263-9283 at the first sign of mold growth in your home or business.

Hidden Valley Lake Home Repair

5/31/2018 (Permalink)


Home repair can be extensive and expensive

Many homeowners look for a quick fix to put their home back together due to a storm, fire, or vehicle striking their home. However, if a structure isn't built correctly or is lacking an important element, more damage may occur and thousands of dollars that could've been saved are instead being taken out of a college fund.

How do you know who is reliable?

There are many companies that homeowner can seek to help them in need; however, will this company give them the quality service they deserve? Hidden Valley Lake home repair is an important industry to have in Lake County. There are many high quality homes built with love, but sometimes they may not be built to survive heavy storms or winds. This is normal; we are used to seeing homes with large holes in the roof due to heavy winds and rain. Usually, this is accompanied by water damage. There have even been homes with lightning damage!

SERVPRO of Lake County can put your soul at ease with home repair solutions!

 Give us a chance to show you the care we can put into repairing your home to pre loss condition. We can perform demolition work, water damage repair, fire damage repair, mold removal and cleanup, post construction cleanup, biohazard cleanup and removal, and contents cleaning. Your insurance agent would be impressed by our communications, documentation, and handling of all your personal belongings. We take pride in everything we do, and we know this attitude can make all the difference in  your experience with Hidden Valley Lake home repair specialists. 

Clearlake Mold Removal

5/23/2018 (Permalink)


What can SERVPRO do for you when you need mold removal in Clearlake, CA?  Call us at 707-263-9283 to find out!

Identifying and remediating the moisture source is incredibly important to maintain proper indoor air quality after the mold has been cleaned up. For very extensive damage caused by mold, we are able to remove sections of drywall and carpet. By using our specialty cleaning solutions, we can remove the majority of small areas of mold growth.

This solution is much more cost effective than allowing the mold to sit for weeks, or tearing down an entire structure. That's our ultimate goal; to make mold removal in your home as painless as possible. We can do all the work, in very little time, to make that mold mess like it was never even there!

You deserve to live in a healthy home, and SERVPRO of Lake County can make that goal happen. 

Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration

5/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage isn't worth any more blood, sweat and tears

Getting yourself organized and prepared enough to deal with fire damage can be really exhausting, especially since emotional involvement is inevitable. Handing off the work to a reputable company that will work with your insurance company and make things easier for you. Finding a company like this sounds like a pipe dream-until you've worked with SERVPRO.

Restoration services are ALWAYS available

SERVPRO of Lake County has been working in the Hidden Valley Lake area due to fire damage restoration needs. The Valley Fire has caused a lot of damage, even though it's been 100% contained for about two weeks. We are dedicated to staying in close contact with all those affected, as well as technicians, insurance agents, insurance adjusters, the health departments, and any other agencies that are involved. 

Some of our top questions include:

1.) How much does smoke damage cleanup cost?

     Cost depends on the extent of the damage, how much of the home is affected, what needs to be done, how many technicians are needed and whether any additional testing needs to be conducted. There are many factors involved, and a straight quote is difficult to give until you have been contacted by a technician.

2.) When are you available?

     We can gather your information, such as your name, phone number, address, and work needed and give this information to our production manager and team so we can schedule an appointment with you that's most convenient.

3.) Who do I talk with about ...?

     No matter your question, we can put you into contact with someone who can help. We have a team of estimators, managers, marketers, and owners who know you need direct, concise information.

Give us a call to schedule Hidden Valley Lake fire damage restoration services. We are here to help you during this difficult time.

Clearlake fire damaged homes

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Fire restoration companies are few and far in between

SERVPRO of Lake County has received many calls from future customers involving this statement: "I looked you up on Google, and your company sounds really professional." This is a true statement. Our company understands the community's needs, especially during fire season, and we also know many people don't know what our company does, or that our company exists. We are here to answer your questions.

"Why do I need a fire restoration company?"

After a fire has been extinguished, many families immediately turn to a construction company for help after talking with the insurance company. However, not all construction companeis are capable of dealing wth fire restoration. Fire restoration involves cleaning as much of the existing area as possible. Soot residue, acid, and smoky odors can set into your furniture and walls, and many items can discolo to a yellow hue if not cleaned properly. Cleanup can become very expensive if you wait to begin the process.

"Who is SERVPRO of Lake County?"

SERVPRO of Lake County is a fire restoration company that will utilize fire restoration techniquest in order to return a home to a pre loss state. We are IICRC certified, which means we are reliable and have the expertise needed to get your home back into shape. Clearlake fire restoration is one of our many specialty areas. We have cleaned many homes, dealt with many insurance companies, and seen many happy faces due to our hard work and determination to provide the best service.

Give us a call at 707-263-9283 to schedule an appointment today if you've had fire damage and need help getting it cleaned right away!

Storm damage to Clearlake home

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm damage to Clearlake home We got this home dry before it started to mold.

Only so much can be done during a storm, but so much can happen. Give SERVPRO a call at 263-9283 for information on storm damage cleanup.

Pictured below is a home affected by the Clearlake storm damage that happened last December. This Clearlake home was also affected by storm damage. Although local businesses and families were warned about the storm that would occur, only so much preparation would help people deal with the storm AFTERWARDS. Yes, you can bear the storm, but what about afterwards? What will you do to pick up the pieces, and put them back together? SERVPRO of Lake County has the answers.

We will come out to the damaged property and provide you with a scope of the work that needs to be completed in order to get your home or business in pre-storm condition. Our technicians are available 24/7, because storm damage in Clearlake and the surrounding areas has nothing on what our people are capable of accomplishing.

Water damage loss in Middletown

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water damage loss in Middletown When water damage disaster happens, whether from a leaky pipe or big rain storm, we are here to help you.

Even the smallest problems can become the biggest catastrophes, call 707-263-9283 right away for advice and help.

This Middletown water damage loss started small. There was a small leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. The next day, the ceiling was starting to cave, and water ran down the walls. Paint began to peel off the walls, insulation began to mold, and the bathroom wasn't usable. Just 24 hours after the first sign of water damage, all this chaos ensued. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Lake County at the first sight of damage. We are locally owned and operated, professionally trained and up to date in the restoration industry, and IICRC Certified. We even help with insurance claims! Since we work with insurance companies on a regular basis, we understand their timely requirements and requests. Basically, we speak their lingo. There's nothing worse than having a loss and not understanding how insurance companies work. Don't put yourself through that stress, let us help you!

Lakeport mold and mildew issues

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Need mildew removal? Spring cleaning means you may find mildew lurking, call 707-263-9283 to schedule cleanup services.

The kitchen of this home in Lakeport is mold and mildew damaged to the max. It's easy to see the mold growth that's already occurred due to extensive water damage! Lakeport mildew removal technicians came out to this home because the homeowner was cleaning the structure and noticed mold growth all along the bottom of the walls.

When water leaks occur and aren't addressed right away, mold growth will almost always occur. While some molds aren't dangerous, the longer water damage sits, the more harmful mold and mildew growth can occur.

SERVPRO of Lake County is trained in mildew removal and will examine a structure for any visible signs of mildew or mold. The technician may recommend you leave the affected area while the mold cleanup and associated containment process is being safety completed. 

This is why we do what we do: to help our communities get back to their lives. We are everywhere in the community. Call SERVPRO of Lake County today if you need mildew removal completed, 707-263-9283. Don't hesitate when your well being is on the line.

Mold cleanup in Middletown: all the details

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold cleanup in Middletown: all the details Some of our hardest workers battling a difficult mold job are featured here!

Mold Cleaning Experts in your area, 707-263-9283 is the number to call 24/7

What characteristics do you want in a mold cleanup expert? Mold cleanup experts are known as technicians at SERVPRO of Lake County!

Mold is a messy subject, quite literally, and can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. Mold grows in damp and dark places, and only needs 24 hours to start spreading like wildfire. Mold can cause structures to weaken, eyes to water, and throats to burn. Spores can let loose into the air, affecting those with weakened immune systems such as children and the elderly. 

Do you want your family to continue to suffer due to mold damage? If the answer is no, you're in the right place to receive valuable information on the first steps to take once you find mold. If you don't get mold damage handled correctly the first time, it will come back and continue to grow, leaving your home in an unstable condition.

The first thing to do to get your home into better shape is to identify the source of the mold and deal with it, so the mold doesn't continue to grow. Wearing PPE suits around excessive mold is recommended, as well as gloves, due to the dangers breathing mold can present. 

The second task to complete after discovering mold is to seal away the area, so mold spores don't continue to spread. Heating and cooling units and systems must be shut down right away so mold spores aren't circulated through your home.

If mold damage is starting to cause more of a headache and looks like a costly situation, contacting your insurance company and a qualified Middletown mold remediation company, such as SERVPRO, would ensure your headaches would cease in more ways than one. 

This mold cleaning process may seem lengthy. Why don't you leave it to the professionals? We've completed Middletown mold cleanup many times, as well as in the surrounding areas, and also know how to communicate with insurance companies about coverage issues. We have the technology and expertise, as well as the patience, to deal with such a disaster. We are here to help you, bottom line. Give us a call, let us prove it to you. 707-263-9283 is all it takes to get started!