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Fire cleanup due to wildfires in Willits, Ukiah, and Hopland

7/19/2017 (Permalink)

We always anticipate that our area will be hit with wildfires due to our abundance of brush, trees, and hills. However, we don't just overthink and worry; we prepare. The difference between prepared and unprepared could mean thousands of dollars. We've had several fires within this last week in Mendocino County alone. 

How you can prepare

Knowing your options and resources available can make a stressful situation much more bearable. 
Have all your insurance information handy, as well as SERVPRO's contact information, 462-3848. We can help you get back inside your home after you've experienced a fire, whether it's due to an accident or a wildfire. We also work well with all insurance companies to make sure we can get you the best care possible!

How we prepare for fires

We hope you don't have to use our services, but we are here if you do. We are a 24 hour service, and have someone on call at all times. We also work closely with the fire departments with promoting fire safety, especially during the hotter months. We also work as quickly as possible when we hear that there was a fire damaged home; the longer the damage sits, the harder it is to repair. 

Middletown Mold Removal

7/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Middletown Mold Removal Would you let this mold sit very long after seeing it? We didn't think so.

Mold damage in Lake County

The wall of this bedroom in Middletown is being tested for moisture. It's easy to see the mold growth that's already occurred due to extensive water damage! We are experts in mold removal, but usually don't see mold this extensive.

SERVPRO of Lake County came out to this home because the homeowner had used the room for storage. Upon removing items, the homeowner noticed extensive mold growth all along the windows and on the walls.

How does all this damage happen?

Water intrusion can happen from water leaks, broken pipes, storms, open structures, or equipment failures. When water intrusion does occur and it isn't addressed right away, mold growth will almost always occur. While some molds aren't dangerous, the longer water damage sits, the more harmful mold growth can occur. 

SERVPRO of Lake County technicians are trained in mold removal and will examine a structure for any visible signs of mold.  The technician may also recommend you leave the affected area while the mold cleanup and associated containment process is being safety completed. All for the sake of health!

This is why we do what we do: to help our communities get back to their lives.  

Water damage cleanup services in Clearlake

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage cleanup services are here when you're in a bind- 263-9283 is our on call phone number, 24 hours a day!

Water losses can happen in all forms---busted pipes, broken dishwashers, children discovering that magic handle on the toilet, accidentally letting the water run while you deal with that annoying telemarketer...anything is possible! However, all these water losses cause the same headaches. 

Many homeowners may not realize the consequences of not calling a Clearlake water damage specialist. Material can rot, water likes to travel and cause messes in other places, mold can grow, and the structure of your home can become weakened. Repairs will be more expensive the longer you wait to get that project out of way.

Why don't you call SERVPRO of Lake County the first time, instead of having that expensive bill because you let water damage sit for six months? SERVPRO can take care of anything big, small, or in between. Give us a call at 263-9283, and we WILL take care of you! 

Kelseyville Fire Damage

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kelseyville Fire Damage This small device caused a huge fire in a home. These situations can happen to anyone.

Season change and more risks

We have good, sunny weather at the moment-however, more heat means more chances of a fire sparking. Along with the dry grass, vehicle emissions, and ocassional cigarettes being thrown from vehicles, fire will not only start more easily but they are more likely to spread.

Kelseyville fire damage doesn't happen too often, but our crew here in Lake County is ready to hit the road when/if it does happen. There are ways to deal with it instead of getting a large dumpster and taking out a huge loan to replace all your things. Homeowners insurance is important to have, and can help get you back on your feet while your home is being put back into shape!

Different things involved

Dealing with fire jobs isn't just about fire damage. More than likely, there is water damage as well. A water source or pipes may have been affected, and firefighters would have used water to put out the fire. There are also other areas, such as the overall foundation and structure, that are overlooked by other professionals who are solely focusing on the fire damage.

Our crews know how to handle personal property with care, tread lightly, and clean smoke damaged items without distorting them. Items are packed and taken from your home, and cleaned in a fresh, smoke-free facility. We can then pack everything back into your house after the job is done! If more construction is needed, you can store your belongings in our facility, and most insurance companies pay for this storage/pack out service!  

Storm damage in Lake County

5/10/2017 (Permalink)

Although we aren't experiencing a storm at the moment, we need to accept the fact that we live in California and may get a random storm tomorrow. 

The effects of El Nino

El Nino did hit us hard the past couple of winters, and we made sure to remain on standby with extra materials in case we were needed. We went out to a job this weekend that had extreme mold due to a leak from a recent storm. Sometimes, these mold findings aren't made visible for a long time. It's always what you don't see that causes the most damage.

Since November, we have been battling the water and fire damage, as well as creating estimate, conducting inspections, getting additional training, and working out conflicts with insurance companies.  Dedication is our middle name!

Water job details

The roof on this home had been caved and the floor was buckling due to the rain from the storm. SERVPRO technicians went to the home right away, and determined the home could be repaired to preloss condition. If the homeowner had waited any longer, the entire home may have been absolutely soaked! While repairing the home under this condition may not be impossible, other factors may have made repair difficult. The amount of water led to a small mold growth; we removed the mold, and applied an antimicrobial agent to prevent further growth. Part of the floor had to be removed, as seen in this photo. 

Mold cleaning in Kelseyville

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Kelseyville mold remediation

While SERVPRO of Lake County is able to clean up mold, we have to follow certain laws when health and safety hazards are involved. In the case of mold, SERVPRO cannot legally tell you whether you have mold, especially if the mold in question isn’t obvious. However, we can recommend you for indoor air quality testing and make sure you get proper care in getting as much of the hazard removed as possible.

Kelseyville mold cleanup procedures

Give us a call at 263-9283 and we will help you get squared away with mold cleanup, we have dealt with mold in Kelseyville after the flooding because homes just weren't getting dry enough. We first may need to perform an inspection. This information will give us a better idea of how to pursue the cleanup process in an effective, hazardless manner.

Hidden Valley Lake water damage repair

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Home repair in Lake County

Homes in Lake County are going to get the long end of the winter stick this year! El Nino is coming, and we are doing what we can to prepare. Although there isn't much we can do to prepare for wildfire, we can start preparation all year long for El Nino.

We proudly serve the Hidden Valley Lake area!

Hidden Valley Lake water damage repair services have always been available, but we want to make sure you have all the valuable information you need so you understand the process. Click here for details on our restoration and repair services for Hidden Valley Lake. We work with most insurance companies so they can complete documentation on their end that best serves their client. 

Middletown water loss repair

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Even the smallest problems can become the biggest catastrophes.

This Middletown water damage loss started small. There was a small leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. The next day, the ceiling was starting to cave, and water ran down the walls. Paint began to peel off the walls, insulation began to mold, and the bathroom wasn't usable. Just 24 hours after the first sign of water damage, all this chaos ensued. Don't let this happen to you! Call SERVPRO of Lake and Mendocino County at the first sight of damage. We are locally owned and operated, professionally trained and up to date in the restoration industry, and IICRC Certified. We even help with insurance claims!

We can be contacted day or night for emergencies at 263-9283!

Storm damage in Middletown

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm damage in Middletown Imagine your entire ceiling bubbling like this one! What would you do?

Stormy weather for several weeks

The weather may seem to light up midday, but be prepared and expect the unexpected! Right now, we are sitting in a rainstorm that's filling our water reservoirs, according to news reports. However, we still have a ways to go all over California.

What does the storm mean for water damage?

Water damage typically becomes much more prominent during wet weather. Leaks become more noticeable, pipes and sewer lines and drains are more capable of being broken, and roofs become damaged due to the wind mixed with the rain. Lake County contractors are also kept busy with water damage.  They have to repair and rebuild homes after extensive water damage, typically water damage that affects the entire home to the point that safety is a concern.

Home repairs in Lakeport

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Home repair seems like such a daunting task. But, if a weed isn't cut down right away, it will grow and may be too tall to cut with just kitchen shears. Same goes for water and fire damage in your home.

What SERVPRO can handle

Lakeport home repairs have been available in Lake County for over 20 years. SERVPRO of Lake County can help repair the damage caused to your home due to a washer machine running for 12 hours, or a roof collapsing due to water sitting on it. We can even repair damage caused by mold and sewage. (You can only imagine what the mess looks like unless you've had to deal with it yourself. We've seen it many times, and it doesn't bother us to have to clean it up.)

What SERVPRO can't handle

SERVPRO can handle ANYTHING. We have had to deal with large losses, small losses, rural areas, and down the street last minute disasters. We are ready for anything. Our warehouses are always fully stocked and our vehicles and crew are ready to go at a moment's notice.

Do you have a question? Would you like to leave us a comment? Have you had our services previously? Give us a call; let us know what you need! 707-462-3848