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Clearlake commercial fire damage repair

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Sulphur Fire reconstruction

The Sulphur Fire cause so much devastation and disruption to people's lives. A lot of homes were burned completely, but some had fire, smoke, and water damage. Clearlake was the most affected. Businesses have burned down, and turned wonderful communities into wastelands. Even through it all, the communities still stand strong with help from FEMA, local donations, and SERVPRO of Lake County's services.

Commercial repair and what it entails

Clearlake fire damage cleanup has been on the rise due to the Valley Fire in 2015, as well as the recent Sulphur Fire. However, we also specialize in home repair. We can complete demolition work, mold mitigation and remediation, drying, air scrubbing, wipe down of ceilings and walls from smoke damage, and sheetrock/insulation removal. All this work can be completed for businesses as well. Whatever is needed can be done, as long as it's approved by insurance if you decide to file a claim.

Give us a call if you have any questions about your loss, or need some guidance and general advice. We are here to help!

Commercial water damage restoration services in Lake County

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

A common case of water damage

This morning, we received a call from a distraught restaurant owner about a dishwasher leak. The leak had apparently been going on for quite some time, without the owner's awareness. Mold grew underneath it, and started to creep in between cabinets and up walls. Before you know it, mold will be EVERYWHERE even with a small leak. Paying attention to your appliances, as well as flooring, can discolor or misshape your flooring. However, water damage is capable of being repaired. 

Our other valuable services 

Not only can we repair water damage in your business but we can also take care of your contents and help you with your insurance claim! We report everything to insurance in specialized reports, and deal with any issues that come up along the way. We guarantee a timely finished product; you home back in order, like the damage never even happened. 

Kelseyville commercial water cleanup

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial cleanup in Lake County

We have always been able to handle large losses with the help of a big, dedicated team. But, a lot of companies don't realize that SERVPRO of Lake County can handle things like Kelseyville commercial water cleanup. Pipes break even in buildings that are consistently maintained. To have a pipe break during business hours is horrifying to a business owner or corporation. They can lose business, products, and customers.

50% of water or fire damaged businesses don't reopen

We don't like this statistic, so we do everything we do to fight it. A loss of a business is a loss to families who need the income, as well as the community who appreciates what the business has to offer. 

We are not just a 2 man business, we can handle large commercial losses, and understand the way insurance works, so the loss can be handled properly. 

Commercial cleanup for all of Lake County

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Government agencies, not just stores

We've been landing a lot of jobs with our local government agencies, libraries, and schools! Although we are a small franchise, we are capable of great things. We still love to tell the story about the big Laytonville flood in 2012. The entire high school flooded, but was dried out by SERVPRO in 23 days! The school was able to open up just in time for classes after the winter break.

Where can SERVPRO provide service?

Basically, any area that is a building with furniture, valuables, and materials can be cleaned and treated by SERVPRO. We are constantly supporting our local businesses with our cleanup services. Although some places have a protocol set in place on what to do when a fire or water loss happens, there are often miscommunication or confusion, or the company that was supposed to come start work didn't get in touch with the client. We are happy to report we are right down the road, and ready for anything!

Home and business repair

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lake County has a lot of talented individuals at its disposal. We have plumbers, electricians, former construction employees, natural born leaders, and young people just looking to get started with a physically demanding job! 

Home and business repair projects in Lake County

Lake County home repair isn't easy, and that's why we are here. We have a collective group of individuals that work as a team to get everything done. We have a production, office, and marketing team that have to work together; otherwise, we may not be as successful as we are at repairing homes that have been affected by fire or water damage. 

How we work together

Our production company communicates with our office when they receive a job, as well as when a job has finished. This way, we can put together the estimate and other paperwork, and send it to the insurance. Our marketing office also communicates with production and the office on any new events happening, or we brainstorm ways to reach out to the community when natural disasters occur, such as wildfires. When we get large commercial jobs, we get a bigger crew together (if needed), and make sure everyone has been trained properly. Commercial jobs are scrutinized much more closely because of public health issues. 

We do these things so we can build the best team possible, and to deal with disasters that no one else can, or will, do. "Like it never even happened." is only with us!

Kelseyville Fire Damage

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kelseyville Fire Damage There's always a chance of saving your belongings when you respond quickly to fire damage.

"How long does it take?"

"When can I have my stuff back?"

"How much is all this going to cost?"

"Will my home be safe to live in again?"

Fire damage is unsettling

These questions, and many more, can be answered by our technicians here at SERVPRO of Lake County. Sometimes, things happen in our lives that seem unreal, and we lose our focus. We aren't able to concentrate, we become irritable, and lost in our emotions. Fires are no exception. Whether it is a wildfire, house fire, or kitchen appliance fire, it can be incredibly emotional. SERVPRO of Lake County can answer all your major questions about fire damage. Besides working with all major insurance companies and storing contents, we also provide board ups for your home to protect the inside if the outside has been burned badly.

Important things to keep in mind

After contacting your insurance company, contact SERVPRO of Lake County. We can keep in contact with your insurance company, and make sure we are following direct procedures from them. We can also create an inventory and clean your contents, perform complete removal of hazardous material, and even perform some construction duties. Take a look at more of our fire damage process. 

Don't let fire damage get you down, call SERVPRO. We are here to help! 

Middletown Water Damage-how bad is it?

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

While the Middletown area experienced great fire destruction two years ago, SERVPRO doesn't forget that water damage in Middletown is still just as likely. In Mendocino County alone, we received 3 (THREE!) calls over the weekend about water damage incidences in three separate homes. These incidences are why we work on weekends, holidays, and at 3 AM. 

Take a look below on ways you can reduce a water damage mishap:

Take care of those pipes!

Some older homes may have older pipes that need to be evaluated or replaced. While we don't necessarily recommend digging into the walls (unless you're already doing a reconstruction project), keep an eye out for any random leaks, discoloring of the walls, or squishy carpet/warped hardwood floors. If you have random puddles of water on the floor and don't know the source, don't ignore them! It could be the start of a massive flood.

Don't leave water running unattended

We had a customer who left on the bathroom faucet after receiving a call from an insurance scammer. The entire bathroom, which was carpeted, was flooded along with clothes, toys, and furniture. What a nightmare, in more than one way! Thankfully, her husband's friend works for SERVPRO, and was able to get some drying equipment to the home and start pulling out the carpet.

Even if you say "it's only going to be for a second," you may lose track of that second and it will turn into 1,000 seconds, which is 1,000 times worse than before you turned on that faucet. Our recommendation is to not leave any water source flowing, even from outside. Your garage or outdoor shed could become flooded, which are most likely filled with your belongings and important items. 

Fire cleanup due to wildfires in Willits, Ukiah, and Hopland

7/19/2017 (Permalink)

We always anticipate that our area will be hit with wildfires due to our abundance of brush, trees, and hills. However, we don't just overthink and worry; we prepare. The difference between prepared and unprepared could mean thousands of dollars. We've had several fires within this last week in Mendocino County alone. 

How you can prepare

Knowing your options and resources available can make a stressful situation much more bearable. 
Have all your insurance information handy, as well as SERVPRO's contact information, 462-3848. We can help you get back inside your home after you've experienced a fire, whether it's due to an accident or a wildfire. We also work well with all insurance companies to make sure we can get you the best care possible!

How we prepare for fires

We hope you don't have to use our services, but we are here if you do. We are a 24 hour service, and have someone on call at all times. We also work closely with the fire departments with promoting fire safety, especially during the hotter months. We also work as quickly as possible when we hear that there was a fire damaged home; the longer the damage sits, the harder it is to repair. 

Middletown Mold Removal

7/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Middletown Mold Removal Would you let this mold sit very long after seeing it? We didn't think so.

Mold damage in Lake County

The wall of this bedroom in Middletown is being tested for moisture. It's easy to see the mold growth that's already occurred due to extensive water damage! We are experts in mold removal, but usually don't see mold this extensive.

SERVPRO of Lake County came out to this home because the homeowner had used the room for storage. Upon removing items, the homeowner noticed extensive mold growth all along the windows and on the walls.

How does all this damage happen?

Water intrusion can happen from water leaks, broken pipes, storms, open structures, or equipment failures. When water intrusion does occur and it isn't addressed right away, mold growth will almost always occur. While some molds aren't dangerous, the longer water damage sits, the more harmful mold growth can occur. 

SERVPRO of Lake County technicians are trained in mold removal and will examine a structure for any visible signs of mold.  The technician may also recommend you leave the affected area while the mold cleanup and associated containment process is being safety completed. All for the sake of health!

This is why we do what we do: to help our communities get back to their lives.  

Water damage cleanup services in Clearlake

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Water damage cleanup services are here when you're in a bind- 263-9283 is our on call phone number, 24 hours a day!

Water losses can happen in all forms---busted pipes, broken dishwashers, children discovering that magic handle on the toilet, accidentally letting the water run while you deal with that annoying telemarketer...anything is possible! However, all these water losses cause the same headaches. 

Many homeowners may not realize the consequences of not calling a Clearlake water damage specialist. Material can rot, water likes to travel and cause messes in other places, mold can grow, and the structure of your home can become weakened. Repairs will be more expensive the longer you wait to get that project out of way.

Why don't you call SERVPRO of Lake County the first time, instead of having that expensive bill because you let water damage sit for six months? SERVPRO can take care of anything big, small, or in between. Give us a call at 263-9283, and we WILL take care of you!